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Triumph or Kawasaki

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GavinB, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am curently tossing up between the two following bikes to purchase and wqas hoping someone might have one / had one and offer me some a mini-review.

    1) 1997 Triumph Daytona T595 (955cc)
    2) 2000 Kawasaki ZX7R (750cc)

    I have ridden both and can't make up my mind - but have never owned a Kwaka or a Trumpy...

    The purchase price is pretty much identical as is the insurance .

    It's not so much about the riding... more along the lines of maintenance / fule consumption.... is there something specific I should keep in mind when looking them over again?

    As always - thanks in advance....

  2. i prefer the look of the kawasaki, but i know what the daytona is like to ride and it's beautiful.

    i just prefer the headlights and the colours on the ZX7R and also, they're a less "everyone has one" bike :)
  3. everyone i talk to about triumph says the breakdown.....

    is that true or just an urban myth?
  4. I have no idea.... and was kind of hoping that someone might be able to answer those kind of questions for me!

  5. team green for sure, no bias here....
  6. i've had my triumph for 5 months now and no problems as of yet.

    there's plenty of people on here with triumphs who've had them for longer and would be able to shed some light on it all.

    i think it's only for the older models of bike - 1995 and prior - or so I heard.
  7. My brother in law had the '97 Daytona for a few years and the only issue he had was that the water temp was higher than most bikes so he jumped on the Triumph Forum and found that this was a common problem and the fix was to get a special coolant sent over. He flushed the system, added the coolant and problem solved. I was impressed with the brake feel as they run braided stainless lines standard and also the exhaust note of the triple. Oh and don't forget the look of the single sided swingarm.
  8. I don't believe it's either, it's just garbage.
  9. My mate has that model daytona and has never had any unusual problems with it.....always properly serviced though...the only major recall with the 97 Daytona was for the frame and you can check if the frame was replaced by referring to the VIN/triumph website.......good bike overall, I think.
    More collectable in the long run than a Kwaka maybe ?
  10. I know which one I'd buy! :grin:

    But then, I'm not you so that might not help much. All bikes cost money to maintain and put petrol in. Buy the one you like best. Which one makes you feel like you're about to jiz every time you sit on it? :)
  11. I would go the kawasaki, they are generally pretty well sorted mechanically, easier and cheaper to fix too (so I have heard)

    having said that i have never ridden or owned a trumpy...... but they would hve to be pretty damn good to beat a kawasaki

  12. Having looked a this very closely I would do a 2002 onwards Daytona nothing else. But was put off that some of them need rebuilds at 30,000klms as you couldnt tell if it needed it from the abused it had taken. Down on paper the 2002 engine is heaps better. I ended up going elsewhere.
  13. Have they got similar maintenance history. If one has obviously been maintained better than the other, then take that one. Also, do a quick check on the cost and availability of repair and maintenance items. Like filters, spark plugs, indicators, levers, fairings etc etc.
  14. Thanks to everyone for your replies.

    Turns out I will not be getting either.

    Despite a 5,500 repair bill - and initially being told that it is likely it be written off - insurance has deemed that they will be repairing my VFR and not writing it off. - Thus there will be no replacement bike for me.

    I'm not totally upset - of course - the VFR was an awesome bike and I truly loved to ride it. It was in immaculate condition for it's age and the lack of a timing chain makes it "rider" friendly for even major service requirements.

    I'm just a little unhappy about the - parts are hard to get and will need to be back-ordered - you might not get it back for another month, comment.

    Not that anyopne's to blame for that either - it's just especially annoiyng since it is a 2.5 hour each way public transport crusade - versus a 50 minute door-to-door ride.

    Oh and for anyone remotely interested, I was going to go with the Triumph.

  15. Just for the record the 97 on daytonas weren't bad from a reliability point of view. They did have some niggling problems (mainly electrical) that were sorted as the bike progressed towards the major upgrade at the end of 2000.

    There was a couple of intermediate upgrades in there too. the 98 t595 had a few things and then the 955 had some more. Of course the 01 model was a step change.

    So later is definitely better for these bikes. They were better bikes and less likely to have problems. Other than a busted quick connect fuel line I haven't had any problems with mine going on 72Mm

    Oh and for the record when the T595 came out it in 97 was an open class contender. It was compared favourably with the 916 and the blade. Whilst from then on it was never a front runner, it was never that far behind the pack, with regards on-road, real world performance.

    In contrast the zxr750 (and later zx7r) were over and done with by the mid 90s. It was also very uncomfortable and very much a track bike. A more reasonable comparison would be the later zx9s.
  16. my brother in law has a 2010 daytona, it's very nimble and pretty fast... he can keep up with my 900 fireblade until we get over the 220km/per/hr range. As far as maintenance the trumpies are the cheapest.. it has a 10k service range compared to most bikes at 5-6k. the only thing I can fault is the seat..... sore behind after about 1hr and legs falling asleep but though the twisties it's not a problem as yr body moves more. If you like both bikes equally and they perform the same, mate honestly go for the most comfortable of the 2... you'll be happier on long rides.
  17. weird thread revival. he's not going another bike and had decided he'd go the triumph anyways if he was to get a new bike.