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Triumph Interchangability

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by T2, May 28, 2006.

  1. Does anybody out there know where I can get an after market or another type of rear brake lever?

    The original ones are very weak and flimsey. :(
  2. which sprint ST do you have? (year model)

    I thought levers were levers pretty much...
    Is your front lever ok? they should be the same or similar front and back.
  3. Sorry adge 82.Its the rear foot operated lever that actually is connected to the rear master cylinder.
    Its a 2004 St Sprint.Most of the Triumph range is pretty intercangeble though. for example Spped Tripple,Daytona.RS and ST sprints etc.
  4. der im an idiot. im not thinking at all this morning.

    WHats wrong with it though?
    Dads ST feels fine from memory, his is 2006, but i wouldnt have thought there would be much difference.

    You could always get new rear-sets (Mmmm custom rear-sets)
  5. Tou are absolutely right.They do feel fine except when you bend them a tad then have to straighten them.....Snap like a carrot...And believe me you dont have to bend them much at all. Just a whisker! And the $169.50 for a new one! :roll:
  6. holy crap, 170 for a rear brake lever....

    Call AJ's in shepparton (triumph dealer). They are great blokes who dont harp on about keeping your trumpy original. They wont order genuine parts for dads bike if they can get better aftermarket for cheaper.

    They should know what will fit too.

    Ph: 03 5822 2466

    pretty sure they ship parts anywhere, so even if there a mile away, still give em a buzz.

    Tom is the guy i usually deal with.
  7. Adge! Mate what can I say....You are going to love this.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    AJ's is where my Two Trumpies have come from, the Sprint and The Bonnie T100.

    $169.50 is what they charged me last time! 18 months ago.
    Tom, as in Tom Jones is my brother in law and Trevor Armstrong is my wife's nephew.
    That's the AJ thing, ie Armstrong and Jones.

    I just think the lever is a shit design and would prefer an alternative.....
  8. Actually I may end up getting this original one modified by some one who can argon weld
  9. Many Thanks Indeed!
  10. Thats great hahaha, my mum used to work for Tom when he owned Jones trucks.
    Have known the Jones's for a while now.

    Funny Tom hasnt been able to find something better for you though.