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Triumph Daytona tuneECU help required!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Pikey, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    Looking for some assistance in the next week or so.
    I have ordered a competition werkes dual slip on for the Daytona, and will be looking to install a more suitable map. Never messed with the ECU before so would appreciate some help. Anyone done this before and want to help out?
    There is a case of beer in it!

  2. Case of beer...... well, you got my attention.

    I've got a Street Triple, and the laptop and the cable.

    Have you found what seems the right mapping for your bike?

    I've changed mapping on my bike a couple of times, but don't know much about Daytona mappings.

    I'm in Beecroft, and prefer doing stuff like this on a weekday, but, for a case of beer, I could be persuaded to a Saturday arvo.
  3. Hi Crazy Cam,
    Thanks for fast response!
    Don't have the right map yet, but have a week or so before the pipe arrives to find one.
    Can't do weekdays but a sat arvo would work if convenient for you.

    Beer of choice?
  4. Its truly quite simple, id give you a step by step easy peasy run down on how to load up a new map, but then i would be costing Cam a case... :p.
    Plus he already has the necessary cable ;).
  5. yeah you should work it out pretty easy, just save a copy of the current map in your bike to your PC just in case some bad shit goes down.

    which it most certainly wont.
  6. Hi Pikey.

    Was thinking, while I know what I'm doing with my bike, a Striple with Li battery and headlights that I can leave switched off, I dunno what folderols you need to do with a Daytona to make sure the battery doesn't die in the middle of the remapping.

    If it suits you better, and provided you swear blind to return it, I could just lend you the cable. (It would also save you trying to carry a slab of beer on a Daytona!)

  7. On my Speedmaster I removed the headlight fuse after having the battery die. I was warned ! Or remove the headlight globe.
  8. Thats an issue too, it can take a while so make sure the battery is fully charged before doing it.
    Better if you have a charger you can hook it to in the meantime ;).
  9. The Daytona is dam easy to do. remove headlight fuse. If its the later version you will want the TOR map 20596. Once loaded do the reset Adaption or reset TPS in old school. and your off to go.