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Triumph Daytona 675R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by chrome, May 5, 2012.

  1. Picked her up yesterday:

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  2. Very very jealous.
    Love them.
    Track or road with it?
  3. That's farking awesome mate.

    I almost bought one recently but talked myself out of it on the grounds that it's too hooligan with my state of license.

    Any plans for mods etc?

    My recommendation once you get properly used to it is -1 front sprocket and the quick turn throttle (speed triple part no.).

    The best thing about these bikes is they need virtually nothing to improve them. I've owned mostly jap bikes and they need lots of work to bring them up to par.
  4. nice. I'm normally not a faired bike kind of guy, but these really do it for me.
  5. Very nice, I am a big fan of these. If I had the money I would love to add one to my stable.
  6. Can I ask why you chose the "R" instead of the standard Daytona?
  7. I'll answer for Chrome

    1. Because they look dope
    2. Because they have Ohlins stock
    3. Because they have Brembos stock


    4. Because they f+#kin rule!

    I would have gone the R over my 08 model for sure if I could afford it.

    Enjoy mate, you'll love it :)

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  8. dont forget the quick shifter,
    although that option seems to be becoming standard on the 2012 model 675 non R

    if i could afford it, its the only new bike id buy.
    ill probably end up with an older daytona though. the 600 imo looks sexier
  9. Basically what Azzab said. Also, I got it for a good deal. The MY12 model will be out soon, and who knows what that looks like. I really liked the look of this one.

    This bike is my only bike, so I won't be tracking it, at least for a while. If I can ever justify a second bike, I'd consider converting this one for track use. But the risk of damaging it puts me off.

    The engine has stacks of power, the more I wind it on, the more it opens up and wants to go. I have to be sensible at the moment while I'm running it in, but even just opening it up around midrange is pretty entertaining. The stock pipe sounds good, I have a slip-on arrow ready for installation after the first service, so that should make it even better.

    The brakes are fantastic. Better than anything I've ever experienced. Was testing the brakes and managed my first ever (small) endo. :D

    The quickshifter is luxury. Just bang it up gears. Still have to blip for downshifts, but thats fine. Blipping is fun. Engine sounds nice when blipping. :)

    The Ohlins came really really hard. I tried to fiddle with the rear to soften it up but went the wrong way and made it harder. LOL. Fixed that, now it's ok. I have a gel seat on order. I think I need it. Even my arse isn't padded enough.

    Spent most of the day in the saddle today. After I fixed the suspension in the rear, the run back through old pac started to feel good. Things just started to come together for me. It goes where I point it.

    This thing is a scalpel, not a kitchen knife.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, what did it cost ride away? I've read several prices, really interested in the bike before they release the new model :S
  11. That is so sexy! I love them. I was wanting the white and blue 2009 SE model. I think I love this one more now!
  12. Got it for 17000 minus extras. I just looked at BS, there are prices for new ones between $16700 to $18000, so I think I did ok. I think the extra bits are probably worth it, even though they do make the bike a little unfriendly on the street, that's tunable.
  13. Meh, it's a pussycat compared to a GSXR1K or ZX10R or something like that.

    Upgrading the levers, ASV I think. Would like a dark tinted bubble screen. If I can find a brake reservoir that works with the Brembo brakes, that'd be nice too. Hate the dinky plastic thing. Adjustable rearsets. Actually it's pretty comfy right now but I think on a long ride I might want to be able to shift it around a little. GB Racing crash kit. Doesn't need a tail tidy - the stock fender is actually inoffensive.

    Gel seat and Arrow slip on is already at the dealers to be fitted when they find them in the boxes :p

    Will probably take it to a suspension specialist and get it set up specifically to my type of riding (street + weekend shenanigans).

    Sales guy said the same thing, though he didn't mention the quick turn throttle. Does that make it so you don't need to grab the throttle stupidly to get full throttle easily?
  14. Awesome. I understand all the reasons. Just wanted to have your personal opinion.
  15. I hate you.

    And by hate you I mean i'm incredibly jealous.

    Grats! I wanted one of these but I couldn't talk the missus into the extra couple of grand, so i got stock. Plus, the 6 month delivery was a killer.
  16. Ooo very nice bike! I reckon its got to be one of the sexiest bikes around! Definitely on the list when I'm off my Ps.

    Why is it that the daytona's don't come with steering dampers? Can they be fitted/not required? Where as the ZX6Rs do. I don't know much on this topic.
  17. they do slung underneath
  18. drop it off at my place today
  19. very nice esp with the white colour, congrats and have fun!
  20. Did you ride through PITS last Saturday? Was quite jealous as I'd love to upgrade to one if and when I can save the coin! Was the first one I've seen actually on the street.

    They do have a steering damper.