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Triumph-Daytona-675 video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Guy taking the 675 through the countryside, nice video (best I've seen from someone on a 675)


    And yes I did search for '675', 'daytona 675' and 'triumph'. Nothing came up in regards to multimedia section at all.
  2. Jeebus!!!

    How could you not buy one of these if you were in the market for a 600(ish) on sound alone? Lucky for me I'm too fat for it :)...and I already have one of Hinckley's finest!

  3. I am prety sure it has been posted before...
    But who cares.
    It is a nice video. not a compleate ball tearer, but still shows a bit of what the 675 is able to do (though he crunches the gear box in a realy nasty way just before he passes that bus)

    How do I get permision from the perchasing department that is what i want to know...
  4. mmmm the sound of triple howl.... its really music... I cant wait till i can get a sprint 1050... I'd love the 675 but I'm just not built for it... :(

    woah hold the phone... could you imagine how fun the 675 would be if thy too it out to say 750? 250 cc per pot... mmm or a nice even 900... how sweet would that be...

  5. Ah, I read it as a "but who cares" post and was ready to highlight that some people must because they replied stating they liked it. But you referred to it being posted before. hehe. I don't know if it has, it was only put up the other day and check the views: Views: 158.

    If it was 'old' it'd be a lot higher by now I expect :)
  6. or the vid has been posted elsware.
    Go look for the footage of biagi almost flipping his bike on the finish line and see how many instances of that there are out there :grin:
  7. Well it hasn't been posted on video.google.com or mytube (as I scan those daily/weekly for 675 videos). What other video sites are there should I be checking :)
  8. oh that triple sound so sweet :grin: :grin:
  9. This is currently my dream bike. I have been to PS every week for months checking em out. should look good in the black too, apparently they are in the country now but not for sale yet (black and blue ones)

    This is the reason i have a counter on my desktop...sigh currently 144days 10hrs 25 min and 8 seconds till i can get this. Living through vids and pics till then :cry:
  10. I personally have seen a black one ridden by "a customer" so they are out there. 99.999999999999$ sure blue ones aren't for sale except for only to Triumph employees who choose the custom colour scheme. Us "lowly" folk who don't work for Triumph (factory only? Don't know) can't get a non standard colour except if a Triumph employee sells theirs. :eek: :(
  11. I'm hanging out for 25th September when I finally get off my P's. Over the course of the last year ive gone from wanting a Firestorm to a GSX-R750 to now wanting the Triumph 675.

    Only 3 more months till I'll have one. I'd love a black though.. they are so much sexier than the red/yellow/grey :(
  12. I've watched the vid above & i've just been watching some awesome youtube vid's on the 675, holly Fark, what an insane bike.. I love the sound. Undii you lucky bastard. :LOL:

    I'll start saving now.. but will the Street be as much fun, i wonder, oh well I'll just have to test ride both when the street's released in November.
  13. Did you watch the video in my .sig?

    Nothing lucky about it. I handed over almost $20K cash for it + mods and waited 6 months'ish from order/paid deposit to finally arriving in Oz. :)
  14. Yeah, saw yours.. the jardine pipe sounds brillant.. must get one of those too. :grin:

    There's a nice red 675 with a Jardine on youtube about 2min long that sounds sweet too.
  15. Sounds bootiful!

    I have approval to buy a road-only bike, and will convert the R1 into a track bike.

    Right now, the 675 is at the top of my short-list of bikes to consider (and has been for a while).

    That engine note is just music!