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Triumph Daytona 675 thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Derek675, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Thought I would be the first to post a thread in the sports section so here goes!

    My thoughts are this thread could be used for all 675 owner.s to share their experiences as owners, good (lots for me!) , bad ( not enough time on the road!) or otherwise.

    Had my 675 after returning to bikes following family commitments with kids growing up. Have used mine for a mix of commuting and weekend scratching. Must say it is not a good commuter , especially in the QLD summer, to hot!

    However it more than makes up for it around the biking roads around Brisbane! I bought it as a treat to myself and have used it mainly for weekend rides, but take every opportunity to get on it whenever I can. My job is very customer facing so have to use the car and suit most days of the week.

    Love the torque, love the sound of the stock exhaust and haven't done any major mods to it, but am thinking of a new exhaust..Arrow? Anyone any recommendations as I know there are a lot of options out the.

    Anyway 675 owners, feel free to add on , ask questions and generally have a chat!


  2. What year is your 675?
  3. Just happy with the stock bike except that I recently put on Helibars and they make riding waaayy more comfortable. Did the Snowys on it recently. Great
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  4. met a lady yesterday who rode around Australia for a fundraiser on hers
  5. Got mine at the end of 2007. Black with the old style decals. Dealer told me was a test colour and only 11 imported into Aus. Next year it became standard colour.

    All the reports are the new 675R is a big improvement. I love the white version.
  6. the white one is the r mate picked one up yesterday he recons its a clear improvement in the handling
  7. Which one looks better though. I think the new model is not an improvement
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  8. he was comparing with the standard, this years model, I have a 2010 standard in red I think it looks the best, the r wasn't announced then but I think the suspension and front brake upgrades are well worth the extra $1000 actually I don't see why they still have the standards for Daytona or street, just give people a choice of colour in the r
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  9. I like the look of the new version better. I think the exhaust position would be an improvement in comfort as it should reduce some of the heat under the seat.
  10. Personally prefer the look of the stock under seat pipes (which is why I won't change mine). Haven't noticed much heat either on the road or track day.
  11. But the arrow slip on looks far better ;)
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  12. and the sound without the db killer
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  13. I just bought an '08 and love it. It's only done 46kms under my ownership with all this bloody rain in Sydney ... thinking of a Putty run if it ever clears up ... what is the tank range on these babies?
  14. Oh and how do you reset the trip? I've pressed every combo of button and still nothing.
  15. up to around 240 is safe bottom left button on mine hold it till it zeros
  16. Legend :)

    Here's your prize UG:

  17. I had a go on the Street Triple, which I believe is the same 675 engine, but de-tuned?
    Well it was a whole lot of fun.
    The thing just pulled and pulled, felt like a rocketship.

    Made my HD feel as fast as my missus barina when I got back on it....
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  18. so its settled then?
  19. Nope. Keeping the HD.
    It is more fun to ride, even though the stripler was just crazy, crazy fast.
    One day I'll have both.