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Triumph Daytona 600/675....Thoughts???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bass_player, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Anyone had any experience with the Daytona's? Looking around 2002 onwards. How reliable are they? Really just after some general opinions.


  2. daytona 675 = very cool. all the brit mags are absolutely raving about those things.
  3. My thoughts on the 675 = =P~ =P~ =P~
  4. 600s (and 650s) are 4cyl and totally different bikes to the 675 (triple). It might be easier to narrow your enquiry down a bit. But basically all pretty reliable and competent, with a few small provisos (that I'll leave to owners to cover).
    With the 600 and 650 you'll be paying slightly less than for equivalent jap machines, which pretty much says it all, really.
  5. ive only heard good things about the 675's

    ill let you know properly when my uncle receives his in the next few months

  6. ive only heard good things about the 675's

    ill let you know properly when my uncle receives his in the next few months

  7. Only wished I could afford a 675.
  8. DITTO

    I dream about the 675, but cant afford one (YET)

    I looked at a 600 as an alternative but couldnt get past the asthetics.....the 600's dont look nearly as sleek as the 675.......I love the sexy ducktail and sleek rear end of the 675.....as far as performance goes, I have yet to get my butt on either to ride.......but I definately will before I buy.

    But I do think Triumph has come a long way from the days when you knew that they had run out of oil when they stopped leaking :)
  9. It's not just the brit mags that love it. The 675 won it's class at the Masterbike test, which is a big deal as it is a collaboration of some of the top magazines from around the world. It has also been winning comparos in spain, the US, britain. Everywhere really. And it has just won "Bike of the year" here in Australia, which means, through a promo with QBE, that just by owning a 675 I now get 12 months insurance free from them ( the promo was that any owners of the winning bike that purchase 12 months insurance from QBE will recieve an extra 12 months coverage free. And mine was already insured through them so they just modified my policy to include the extra 12 months.)
    The handling... well it is simply inspiring, it's razor sharp.
    The engine is a beauty, it pulls from any revs. But once you hit 8,000rpm it is quite a rush. And the sound, If you aren't listening to the engine singing through the exhaust you are listening to the snarl eminating from the air intake that runs straight through the headstock into the airbox. Being that it is a triple it sounds simply unique amongst it's japanese rivals. The ergo's took me by surprise, when i first saw how small and narrow it appeared and how low the bars were i wasn't expecting it to fit my 6'2" frame as well as it does. Even after a 600km ride my only complaint was a numb rear end from the hard seat.
    The looks and comments that i Recieve from people always puts a smile on my face too. My mates that own Suzukis and Hondas basically get asked a standard set of questions, eg: How fast? How big? How much?. Whereas people pretty much want to know the life story of the Trumpy, eg: Are they still made in England? How long have they been around? Is it an inline 4? Where do you ride it? etc.
    I may be biased because i own one, but i truly am as happy as a pig in the proverbial with my purchase. I think I'll be hanging onto it for a few years.

    If you want to learn about the reliability of the 675 check out Triumph675.net . You will learn of a few problems people have had with them, but for the most part they are rock-solid.
    I have no experience with the TT600 or 650 personally so all i can tell you is that I have heard they are sweet handling, just a bit under powered.

    I hope this has helped you out a bit. Cool. :grin:
  10. Cheers everyone for your comments. I went down to the dealer here (unfortunately PS :roll: ) on Friday to check the 675 out in the flesh. It looks even better than in the photos. Pity about the glossy paint though. Had a chat to the dealer and ride away Im looking at around the 16K mark. Got a few months still until I'm off my restrictions so in the meantime Ill see if the bank wants to lend me some more money :grin:
  11. I'm probably biased too, but totally agree with this statement. My first 675 was stolen after three months of ownerhip. When I went to look at my next purchase, consideration of other bikes was really just token. I've got another one now that exactly the same as the first.

    That's not to say there are not other bikes out there that are just as awesome in their own way. Personaly the "character" of a bike is important to me, and the 675 fits me well. I can think of people though who just belong with their R1 or GSXR etc.
  12. The 675 ia a beautiful thing. I rode one the day after testing a new R1, thinking it may be too small for a 180cm 100km pilot.
    More comfortable, better handling and much more fun than the Yamaha. Down on top end in comparison to the R1, or so the spec sheet says.
    Most of us couldn't push either to the max.
  13. How do people steal these bikes? Did you have them in a secure space? Was it chained?
  14. Mmm I don't think the graphite colour looks glossy at all :wink: :cool:
  15. Obviously not :cry: It was in a "secure" apartment garage but with ~20 other people who have access (plus anyone who ever lived their) it didn't last long.

    It wasn't chained so it just got trailered away.

    I've now got an alarm and huge chains and the new bike doesn't appear to be going anywhere :grin:
  16. Daytona 675 = Internationl Motorcycle Of The Year (IMOTY)
  17. its a cheat it has an extra 75cc
  18. If I could have any bike at all it would be a Daytona 675. That is one hot bike! Unfortunately I have had several friends say "That is WAY too much bike for you girl!"
    Guess I need to keep practicing, huh? :oops:
  19. Here's the write up on it's International Bike of the Year win. It romped it in :grin:


    As for too much bike for a girl, that's a rediculous suggestion. It's light, nimble and it's power delivery is very linear so it's an easy and predictable ride. The only thing you need to watch out for is height, it is a tall bike. Even then if it's what you've got your heart set on just get the suspension lowered.
  20. I don't think they meant 'way too much bike for ALL girls'- just THIS girl in particular! I am only small and a fairly new rider- they don't want me falling off all the time is all!