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Triumph Daytona 600/650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Madguitarist!, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Any forum guys riding this bike?

    Just wondering as I've just bought one and was hoping to pull resources with info/parts/etc...... or am I the only one..... :shock:
  2. Congratulations on the purchuse of one of the best 600's there is!!

    Did you get the 600 or the 650??

    May I ask how much?? and what Km on the clock??

    As for parts.... yeah easy to get from Triumph through Peter Stevens also there is a place on Kensington rd... apparently THE best Trumpy Mech...

    Insure the bike... EVERY second hand part on it is about x3 (IF you can get one) as expensive as on a Jap 600 and only x2 as expensive new...
  3. It's ashame about the cost of parts because i really wanted to consider these for an upgrade. Just the talk of them being a more road friendly sports bike and the fact they aren't as common had me sold. However if it's going to cost me atleast 2x as much to maintain the thing if something breaks or needs replacing then i don't wanna know about it.

    Would that not also make them alot easier to write off in an accident due to there lower purchase cost but dramatically higher parts cost?? i.e. the difference of repair value to bike value would be much worse then more jap bike, therefore, making your bike more susceptable to an insurance write off??
  4. Well the thing is these bikes are expensive. They are expensive to buy... they keep their value and to repair they CAN be expensive... on the other hand if the farings get damaged the insurance company is more likely to replace them with new ones than second hand as the parts are not avalable second hand. As for reparing scraches and repainting... the yellow and red are some of the easiest colors to mach (red being the easier one)

    So in conclusion every Tom, Dick and harry has a Jap 600.. they will drop them, they will smash them... their insurance will fix them on cheep. The Trumpy will keep it's value far better and if you do get into trobble your insurance will eather pay up more (as the value of your s/h bike is better) or they will repair it to a better standard...
  5. Ah and regular servicing?? LOL so f'n cheep it is not funny!!

    10,000km b/w services and I have seen how much a MAJOR service costs on a Speed Tripple LOL less than a CBR250RR!!
  6. And if they're written off more readily than Japanese sportsbikes, it should be possible to pick up a nice repairable write-off if you're prepared to bide your time. :grin:

    I've always liked the look of the Daytonas, and they fit me quite well. I'd have one. :)
  7. lordtb is right - there is a fantastic Trumpy mechanic in Kensington, PM me if you want his details. People send him their bikes from all over the country: his reputation is that good. I too can recommend him, as he recently did a ripper job on my ZX9R (usually he won't look at Jap bikes though. :()
  8. yeah i got one!

    what can i say but great bike..yes parts are expensive since u wont find any at the wreckers at all!

    the place in kensington is turn 1 motorcycles...charlie trains all the guys at the peter stevens service centres. i ahvent used him yet but have talked and bought parts from him...highly recommened!

    as for colour matching...well....i dont know bout the yellow, but the silver is easiest to match, as it is only a metallic. the red on the other hand is a tricoat paint...sorta like candy. its got a white base so pretty much impossible to match unless something near it.

    as for servicing costs...major service at turn one was quite reasoonable..but i cant seem to remember atm... peter stevens charges 230 for a minor service from old reciepts i have.....

    anyway....where r u located? should get few d6s together for a meet!

    oh...im getting a service manual if u need ti use one...

  9. Hmm I was told the silver is straight out of a can... they yellow apparently is very difficult to mach... but red.. yeah it is a tricoat but all of them are out of a can so any good bike painter should not have any problems...

    Hmm service manual.. the book?? or the CD... I have the CD in mail from UK though it is for the 600 only...
  10. heya guys

    Mines not a 600 but I picked up a new 955 the other week and at the time didnt even consider the cost of replacement parts (and fingers crossed I never have too either), but I like the sounds of the regular services being cheap by comparison :)

    oh, and I assume Kensington refers to a place in Melbourne seeing how thats where you guys appear to live, does anyone out there happen to know of a good trumpy mechanic in Sydney by any chance?
  11. Wow, so there's a couple of us riding around! Sweet!

    I've got the 650, aparently its the last one in stock... at Peter Stevens anyways. They got a couple of 600s left tho.

    I've just experienced the expense of replacing daytona plastics as I went down a month ago on my last 650 in NZ. Long story... couldn't get permit to import it as I hadn't owned it for 1 yr and then I went down a corner filled with gravel! Pretty much all the plastics had to be replaced except maybe 2 panels on the right, and the tank was to be repainted. All this for a low cost of $NZ8000!!!! Anyways, sold it to the grooming guy at my dealer and bought this new one here!

    Paid $14 500 inc ORC plus comprehensive insurance (never ride without one)
    had 4kms on the clock when I picked it up yesterday! Still feels tight tho...

    Keen for a meet up guys? erm.. others invited too of course....if only to ogle enviously at our beautiful bikes! (JUST KIDDING!) :grin:

    Anyone getting/with a 650 manual? Mods done?
  12. Hey welcome to the site and congrats on a great buy! At the present price tag the 955 is great value! I'd like one too but with my short arse (5'2") it's kinda real big for me! :oops: