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Triumph Bonney Scrambler

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by T2, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Who loves it?

  2. Who does'nt give a stuff?

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  3. Who Hates it?

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  1. The new Triumph Bonney Scrambler has just been released to the US dealers.
    It is visable to us via the factory's UK site. http://www.triumph.co.uk/uk/3990.aspx

    I am just about to pick up a t100 and am still thrilled with the idea, having seen the yet to be released here, alternative.

    I am dammed if I either love or hate the new Scrambler, though.....
  2. You'll want http://www.triumph.co.uk/

    Someone is going to stab me but the first thing I thought was "Cool, 900cc Postie bike".

    Interesting but I'll take a Thruxton or a 675 Triple (or both) I think.
  3. I prefer the "HYDE" version as reported about in a recent AMCN.
    with the exception of the pipe
  4. Partly reminds me of a Bombardier and partly of the Fonz...
    Not entirely sure about the pipe. :?
  5. Definately Fonz. Also, about the pipe... I think that LineNoise is on the money... 900cc postie bike :LOL: ...
  6. If it looks like a 900cc Postie bike the Triumph are going to make a fortune!
  7. I like it, but I'd rather have a Thruxton. And a Speed Triple, and a 675 Daytona. And my Sprint.

    Am I being greedy?

  8. Its kinda cool - every postie in the world will want one!!!

    I'll just have a Rocket III.
  9. So, so disappointed with this. Triumph have been hinting at a smaller capacity dual purpose for a while now (since they don't want to change the Tiger). I was pretty sure it would use the new 675 triple - and this is what we get? So disappointed :evil:
  10. hehe...I can just see them decked out in those orange bags, painted bright red with be-goggled posties belting through the suburbs, silk scarves streaming behind them.

    Posté racers?
  11. I reckon it looks like a blast.

    But I've just been watching and re-watching "On Any Sunday" so I'm in a bit of a retro frame of mind... :)
  12. Looks like a nice alternative to a lot of other dual-purpose bikes on the market, should prove popular (especially given that dirt roads don't usually have speed cameras :wink: )
  13. I love those new old triumphs and don't think they've done anything wrong yet (new scrambler included).

    Love it!
  14. RSSR......So you're NOT going to up grade to the Bonnie???

  15. definately different. good on em for trying something new.. i like the look of it.. :)
  16. I will if you do T2.

    Thing is this isn't new; there were Brit bikes around like it in the late 60's early 70s. It's just a tricked-out bike.

    Why stop with high pipes? Why not add ape-hangers or a sissy bar? Expect they'll sell a heap in the US.
  17. Luv it, it's just like my 1968 TR6C Trophy Special