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Triumph Bonneville T100 - 2007 model.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by I Adore Vic, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Hey all. I'm considering getting myself one of these in the near future and wanted to hear from others who know more about them, especially answers/opinions on the following:

    Mechanically, are they a good, reliable bike? Any known problems?
    How well do they go? Don't give me figures cos I don't understand all that stuff!
    Do they have power if/when needed? (ie..overtaking etc)
    Do they like long distances?

    And here's a piccy of it - just cos I love looking at it:

  2. mmmmm nice bike, they are just great to look at. :cool:
  3. I like the Bonnies. A wyld bro of mine had a 1983 model. v :cool: One of the models has a 270 degree throw and sounds kinda like a V-twin. May be the America.
  4. You won't keep up with sports bikes in straight lines, but you will have enough torque to overtake and power on when needed.

    Air cooled, so less maintainence, gorgeous, not overly expensive, adequate braking, and not vastly overpopulated. I like them, and if I win the $30mill in lotto, I'm sure I'll buy my dad one, cuz he loves them too.
  5. My ideal woman! :LOL: :LOL:
  6. If I remember right the T100 name refers to the top speed - of 100mph (160kph) which is not much better than a 250. But as pointed out the extra torque would mean a lot less downshifting and a lot more acceleration in gear when overtaking. Of course the lack of power and simplicity of the engine are all good things as far as reliability and longevity go. Seriously considered buying a Thruxton which is just a modified T100, only thing I didn't like about that was the seat and the pricetag (may still buy one someday).
  7. In the original versions that was true... the modern retro's aren't the same bike and whilst far from being speed machines will manage 180 or so (well most of the versions will anyway). Some are a bit faster and some are a bit slower.

    These brit twins are a good way to get a euro bike at an affordable price... but I wouldn't ignore the ducati 695 which sells for similar $ either.
  8. 160/180kph - it's not the kind of bike you want to be flying along flat out on anyway. The only downside to getting a bike such as this as opposed to a Z1000 (one of my other choices) is that I wont be able to take it out on the track and go mad.

    Could always get myself two upgrades. lol.
  9. If you want to spend time at the track get the Thruxton - there's a specific racing class for those in the UK and US and although they may not be as fast as a modern sportsbike they still look like a lot of fun :grin:.
  10. It's gotta be a Bonneville T100. ;) :cool: =P~

    I think I'm getting greedy - you can never have too many bikes surely? :wink: :LOL:

    Plan A -

    Keep the VTR250 for commuting/whatever.
    Buy the Bonnie out of lust.
    Buy a Z750/Z1000/VTR1000/etc for track/twisties/madness.


    Roughly how fast can a standard Thruxton go?
  11. Nahhh .... Thruxton over the Bonny T100 ... just looks way more sporty with the dropped handlebars, rear seat cowl and the overall riding style ...
  12. The T100 doesn't seem different enough from the the standard bonnie to justify the price tag imo, especially since they made the engines on the two the same.

    What is it now, a nice paint job, rubber tank pads and a tachometer (all of which should be standard) for 2 or $3000? Save it for your own mods.
  13. The Bonne is a great bike mechanically. I'm not going to harp on and compare it to a sportsbike, because if you'd wanted one of those you'd have bought it!

    They are very well built and quite simple to service. There are thousands of aftermarket parts available and in Europe and the UK some people are doing some very interesting mods to the standard bonne, and the products are available over the web. There's also some brilliant, brilliant internet sites for support. (Britiron rebels springs to mind)

    It'll feel heavier, wider and a more sluggish in corners than your VTR. But the power, and the delivery of the power will put a grin on your face. I remember even riding a SR500 after coming off a 250 - i felt like I could tow a caravan.

    Bonne's love long distances. They have reasonable service intervals but are pretty easy to service yourself. It's interesting to note that while Yamaha might give Motorcycle trader a bike for a day, Triumph Australia give them the bikes for a month.

    If I were you i'd do it and (I never thought I'd say this) I'd buy it new. They aren't really depreciating at the moment! Kols has a good point - I find it hard justifying the difference between the T100 and standard. $3000 is a good pipe set, some K&N's, Koni shocks and a nifty paint job.

    I think it's also the kind of bike you'd keep for a long, long time. After a while it might end up a bobber, street tracker or caff racer.

    A bit long, but that's my 0.02c worth. I love them!
  14. Nice choice Rosie!

    would be a good bike for touring i'd think. :grin: AS already metnioned, any practiacl reason for the T100 over the Std Bonnie? Other than looks, which is perfectly acceptable of course :grin:

    Just get that 2nd hand Z for fun and tracks :twisted:
  15. You're right it gets a bit windy, you work your neck muscles just that little bit more and things start to look blurry on a naked bike at those speeds. Prolly easier with a faired bike around the track. :wink:
  16. 240kph on a proper naked bike with an upright riding position is scary...

    I remember riding my V-Max until I hit 240 *genuine* once.

    I could *barely* hold onto the bars when I was as lent over as I could get and my whole body was fluttering in the wind like a leaf (that hurts BTW).

    The trouble was because I was using all my strength to hold on I couldn't brace myself to roll forward on the throttle. I finally managed to flick the kill switch (the resulting weaves were interesting!).

    Not a lot of fun... :oops: [/b]

    Contrast that with 240 on the Bandit 1200 which only has a half fairing... and that speed is totally ok wind wise. It's amazing what difference even a small bit of plastic makes.

    Nb... anyone who hasn't been to a track ride day... should go at least once :)
  17. Call me stubborn - call me stupid - but I'll quite happily fork out those extra $$ to get the T100. It is a package worth forking out for (as far as I'm concerned). ;) :cool: I'm in love with these bikes.

    Thanks for all your info/thoughts. Will most likely do the three bike thing, but still have time to think on it before I'm allowed to upgrade. A girls allowed to splurge on herself every now and then. :cool:
  18. Know what you mean, great looking bikes! Would like to go for a quick blat on one. My mate has an America, different setup and exhaust note, but enough power to get you from a to b.

    Am having trouble deciding: House/bonnie/house/bonnie/no girlfriend/single life/bonnie...nah not really...bonnie.

    Check out Motorcycling Australia, there are giving one away...well its the price of a membership.

    by the way, if you win it...can i havea ride??
  19. Yes you can echo, you certainly can. Only cos you have beautiful taste. I'm gonna check out that comp. You gotta be in it to win it. :wink: