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Triumph Bonneville or Kawasaki W650 ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by v h l, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Tested both today. The bonneville (2008) is fuel injected and has good pulling power at high gears, The W650 you have to work more on changing gears. I am leaning towards the Triumph, BUT the W650 can be customised readily. On road : Triumph is $13K new at PS vs W650 $10.5K (4800kms at A1)
    Decisions, decisions.

  2. There's probably bugger all difference in the bikes, but ask yourself which one is going to be worth more when you go to sell it.

    Kinda obvious IMHO.
  3. Haven't ridden the Bonnie, but the W650 I test rode a few years ago was so floppy and bland and disappointing that I'd never contemplate spending 5 figures on one. Looked great and seemed nicely engineered though.

    Then again, maybe I've just been spoiled by riding (though, sadly, not owning) a few real Brit twins, which have the hard, raw edge that the Kwak so badly lacked.

    Personally, given the choice of the two, I'd have to go the Bonnie 'cos I know I'd come to hate the Kawa fairly quickly for everything it pretends to be but isn't, whereas I'm prepared to give the Trumpy the benefit of the doubt for now.
  4. Bonnie for me, Triumph have cooler leather jackets. :grin:


  5. The bonnie is readily customisable beyond recognition- you just need to see the right people.
  6. There was a two-wheels review back when the bonnie first came out. The blandness opinion of the tester towards the w650 was the subtext.

    The bonnie is not a light bike however.

    I'd be leaning towards the w650 possible if it was the $7K it should be (maybe 8 but certainly not 10.5), otherwise the bonnie would win out.
  7. Yeah, my vote's for the Bonnie, especially given the price of the *used* W650. From all the reviews I've read (my opinion is not based on any more experience than that), the Bonnie ultimately outshines the W650 for all-round useable power and performance. I went and checked one out recently - toying with buying a fancy bike - and the customisation possibilities are very good with the Bonnie, plus you could easily get aftermarket stuff, and no doubt that market will increase over time. The Bonnie is also a Triumph, the stuff of legends...
  8. +1 for the Bonnie
    Heaps of ways to customise.
    Tonnes of support.
    Classic to ride.
    Great resale.
  9. Another vote for the Triumph, it's just a really cool bike.
  10. I'd better vote for the Bonnie cos I just bought one, but I didn't look at the Kawasaki. Everyone I know (except for one person who thinks all bikes should be japanese) thinks they're cool, whether they ride sports bikes, cruisers, and even people who don't like bikes.

    Have a look at http://newbonneville.com/ - heaps of customisation options.
  11. i must admit that after looking at a w650 on the web they really do look like the real deal.

    but in this comparison, the triumph wins in my opinion purely because it does "look" like the real deal, it "is" the real deal. imagine trying to join a bikie gang on a jap bike when everyone else has a harley :shock:

    its all personal opinion but when you can buy the real thing for a marginally larger cost id strongly consider it if i were you.

    the only great looking classic bike ive seen by kwaka was the Z1 back in the day when my old man used to ride around. those things are great! 70's?
  12. So's a Scrambler :cool:

    Sorry for the hijack, but if ya want retro, IMHO, nothing else comes close :wink:
  13. I reckon this topic needs a cuppla pics

    I loved my W650. It had a few little quirks and apart from a cuppla minor issues with a shock and rear mudguard it was a rock solid little bike.
    Never road a Bonnie though so I can't compare.


  14. Personally I'd disregard the Jap vs other assumption about character and being 'the real deal' in this whole thing: plenty of Jap bikes have a whole lot more character than plenty of modern British and European bikes.

    If you need that sort of confirmation, check out some 1960s Rocker and 59 Club pics - you'll see early Hondas in the mix!
  15. yep this is one cool bike! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

  16. Yikes, revised $$ are 18K for custom W650 vs 16K for custom T100 as in pictures


  17. that 650 is just gorgeous.

    but if you have the time, you could probably do it yourself, the exsact way you want it for allot less
  18. As much as I like the triumph range, if you can get a well looked after W650 at the right price you will end up with a fairly rare bike and a talking point where ever you go on it.

    +1 for the kwaka!
  19. Ohh yeah, the scrambler is a mighty fine looking retro beast...
    how's the riding position?
    Would it be as comfortable as the Bonnie?
  20. Except the triumph is now built in Thailand, and the connection between the meriden and hinkley operations is tenuous at best.

    They're both retro imitations.

    Without riding them, the kawasaki seems more authentic (if thats what you're into) as it looks closer to the old bonnie, the new triumph looks far too bulky. The kwaka at 650cc is also the same capacity as the original.

    However there's little doubt the new triumph is a better machine to ride.