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Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by aceraceracer, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    does it make sense to buy a new Triumph and modify it a la cafe racer?

    Second hand bikes aren't much cheaper than buying new. Can't get my head around the problem as removing new parts and replacing them with other new parts seems crazy.

    Five grand difference between new 2000 bonnie and 2009 bonnie

    any thoughts?
  2. If I could afford a new bike there's no way I'd be modifying it (other than bolt on eg: pipe).. but then that's me not you.
  3. repeat after me; Thruxton......
  4. Took the words right out of my mou... er fingers.
  5. Dunno, big heavy bike like that always struck me as a much better cruiser than a cafe racer. If you do caff up a bonnie, don't just buy thruxton parts for it like a lot of people do. Boggles my mind...
  6. Yep, agree with Thruxton.

    As for aftermarket parts, you could recoup a lot of the cost of new parts by selling the "old" new parts.
  7. Any suggestions for a cafe racer conversion?

    so some think that bonnie is not greatest choice for a cafe racer conversion. someone suggested a moto guzzi.

    regardless, new bike conversion question is still open. only one person voiced an opinion about economics of converting a new bike.
  8. I think the new Bonnies are a great platform for a cafe/project. as long as you do the mods propperly it shouldn't affect resale.
    there are a lot of aftermarket part available for them. if you can afford the new bike you can focus on customising instead of upkeep
  9. Re: Any suggestions for a cafe racer conversion?

    Aww I'm sorry mate, I'll try to keep them more on topic for you.

    I think the idea of doing up a new bike is one tha-Get a Thruxton instead!!!

    hehe ... sucker ... :p
  10. If you're concerned about economics, you probably wouldn't be modifying anything at all?
  11. Bonnieville cafe racer

    I want to put something together that's special. I have decided to buy the Thruxton as a platform and start from there. This project is a reward after a lifetime of restraint - I want it to be a journey.

    As I have never modified a vehicle of any sort I am interested as much in the process as seen by others who have done it.

    What i am asking is "Would only a wanker buy an new motorcycle and then swap all the parts over, repaint and whack it on the dyno?"

    Instead I could go second hand and rebuild up. Is it worth it for the satisfaction, mentally, physically and economically?
  12. I would say yes, but I haven't actually finished any of the bikes I've started.

    If you have way more cash than you think you'll need, then I reckon you will be sweet. Nothin like sittin in the garage with a beer and a smoke workin on the bike.


    Worth it mentally, not worth it financially. If you wanna make money, put some of it into a term deposit. Riding something you have made is a sensation unlike any other.