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Triumph Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gabak, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Hi all just a question was looking through bikesales.com and tradingpost and ebay at bikes and noticed no one is really intrest in Triumph bike is there a reason behind this or am i just being stupid. Bikes im talking about are daytonna 600's , 955i and tt600 are they expensive to service or parts hard to get or expensive to get or are they not powerful bikes.


  2. Triumph haven't had a fantastic reputation in the last 10-15 years to my knowledge. They haven't had a particularly BAD reputation either.

    In the last couple of years the public perceptions seem to have improved in leaps and bounds, to the point where the current model Daytona 650/675s, Speed Triples, Sprint ST and the Rocket III have all caused a bit of a sensation.

    Right now everything they release is getting big props from everyone, but I guess in the last decade they haven't been all that popular, which is why there's bugger-all second hand ones around...?
  3. Triumph sportsbikes have a reputation of being slower than the Japanese competition on a track which is probably why a lot of people avoid them - there's also many people out there that have probably had nasty experiences with the original Triumph bikes (or cars). Of course the new 675 Daytona may convert a few.
  4. Hey gabok,

    What do you mean by no one is interested? As in there aren't many for sale?

    As for newer Triumph's in general ... they are a very good road bike. Very reliable, good handling, and a lot of fun. Not too expensive to buy, parts are average price in my opinion. I personally think they suit australias road conditions better than the jap bikes.
  5. They are not cutting edge performance, because of their weight.

    When triump restarted this time they put an emphasis on reliability. The result is their bikes are heavier.

    On the up side, they are very reliable. they have had a few recalls, but at least they have admitted them and rectified them.

    Generally good real world bikes, as opposed to track day specials
  6. I've noticed heaps of older Triumphs around (up to 10 years old) ... and also wondered why there aren't many around for sale. It seems every Trumpy owner i talk too seem to just want to keep there bikes forever, myself included :)
  7. so current models are like 2000 onwards are ok because i am doing some looking around for my next bike and they look really nice and are pretty cheap and i just thought there might be a catch. I dont see many on the road all i see is jap bikes. I think ive only seen 1 hyosung on the road never seen a triumph other than in the movie torque.
  8. Early on they were significantly dearer then the Japanese bikes and way behind in a number of ereas.

    these days they are really good value new and as good if not better in many areas.
  9. They've also just dropped the price on a few of their models and have promised to keep dropping prices if sales increase (higher volume means lower costs), all the more reason for everyone to go out and buy a Triumph (so I can afford one).
  10. Check out the Major Triumph forums like:



    You'll find heaps of reviews on the net depending on what model your after.

    And if your buying used this is a good read also:


    One last thing ... if you live in Melb, i HIGHLY recommend Turn One m/c for Triumph servicing ... Charley is amazing.

    Hehe ... can't you tell i love my Trumpy ... :D
  11. so service and repair and part wise they are about the same as jap bikes.
  12. i think you've got it there, people hang on to them. I know a guy who searched 10 years to get the right speed triple!

    mostly the reason they don't sell as well as the jap bikes is they are not quite as fast and they don't put the same cash into advertising. triumph did outsell ducati and bmw last year though so they can't be doing that badly (i think it was last year).

    they can't be that bad as track day bikes, the superbike school use them. but yes, i take your point, they are not out there winning races and don't have the wank factor that an r6 does down at the track

    having never really owned a jap bike i can't comment, but people say they are a little more expensive to service and possibly harder to get parts. i don't know how correct this is, it could be partly to do with a parts/bikes shortage due to heavy usa demand last year.
  13. I bought a Triumph Speed four a few months ago and I absolutely love it.. if you want something a little bit different, have a good look at the trumpys.. I would of liked one of the new Sprint STs, but it was just a few thousand over what I had to spend.
  14. if you are worried maybe give your local recommended triumph mechanic a call (not the dealer, they are ususally shithouse)
  15. There was a range of sport trumps a few years back that experienced frame weld failures regularly.

    Apparently it's a problem of the past.

    In real world riding, mere mortals wont notice 1 - 2 secs difference on the track, out on the road. Having said that, superbike school use trumpy's exclusively.

    FWIW, my next bike whenever I tire of the '9R, will most likely be the Sprint ST 1050.


  16. i hadn't heard of that, what model?
  17. Me neither. I owned two Triumph Triples in succession in the late '90s and never had a problem withe either. I belonged to the Hinkley Triumph owners club and never met anybody who had a "frame weld failure". The only common problem then was muffler rust, and Triumph replaced them without question even if the bike was out of warranty.
  18. The new 675 looks like being a big seller, but I can't believe they shot themselves in the foot by not having a stand at the recent Sydney Show, and not displaying it; I'm sure they would have taken a slew of advanced orders......
  19. The very first batch of 595's had a recall on the frame, to my knowkedge none of them made there way to Australia, and the factory replaced the entire batch of affected frames.

    And on the subject of weight, if you think that the triumph is heavy beacause it weighs 2 or three kilos more than an equivalent jappa then lose some weight you fat bastards, God knows most of you could shed 10 or 20 kilos and it would hardly be noticed.

    Except for Doc Groberts, maybe a dose of Combantrim and a bucket of KFC everynight for a month will get some meat on your bones.
    (note: this is a fishing trip for the purpose of luring Glen and his vast knowledge of Triumph problems into the thread.)
  20. BASTARD :cry: