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Triumph Australia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by magicziggy, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I have emailed Triumph Australia to ask why they have identical websites to their sister/parent companies with the exception that they don't list prices. Anybody want to preempt their response?

  2. Fluctuating exchange rates probably the excuse.
  3. They are lazy and don't want to make they're own?
  4. Isn't there rules now about drive away prices being required? As this varies from state to state, due to statutory charges, they can't use the parent website.

    It's a guess. I've seen other Australian vehicle sales sites asking you to enter a postcode before they will give you a price.
  5. Good luck getting any response at all from T.A.
  6. Why wouldn't you just go to the retail dealer's site?
    I can imagine that TA has different arrangements with different dealers and publishing a RRP might disadvantage some.
  7. In Adelaide there's only Peter Stevens (City Triumph) afaik. There's no info on their site and I don't go into the city often.
  8. If you look for a new model on bikesales (or similar), you will nearly always find at least a 'price guide' dollar value, if not a ride-away price.
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  9. I can't recall the specifics of it, but about 5-6 years ago there was a rule/gentleman's agreement/moment of weirdness where it was agreed that no motorcycle manufacturer was allowed to display RRP on their website in Australia. No idea why. To protect dealerships or give them more wiggle room on pricing? State-by-state variations in ride-away prices? No idea.

    It's not just Triumph, it's Kawasaki, Honda, etc. (Though oddly, it's possible to bring up BMW's RRPs on their site.)
  10. The manufacturer's didn't agree, the ACCC made every business not put Bs up then tack in charges later. You have to show full price if you are going to.

    Anyway Triumph are doing you a favour stay away.
  11. Its because Triumph Australia is not really owned by Triumph UK - it is is owned by Peter Stevens.

    I believe there is a distribution license amongst other agreements in place. So essentially Triumph Australia is a separate business...

    That's my guess... but it could well be for pricing
  12. Yes PS is the importer of T

  13. So you guys really dont get it. Its because ACCC makes them show the rideaway price. The rideaway price is different for each state, so its just too hard. So they dont bother showing any price, figuring if you are keen you will call a dealer.

    Its nothing to do with how shit or not shit ps is.