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Triumph and arrow slipon and warranty

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by raging, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have a 4 month old street triple r. If I was to purchase an arrow slip-on second hand and install this myself, would I be voiding the bikes warranty? My google fu says the arrow itself doesn't void the warranty, but cant find anything about installing it myself.

    One a second note, how hard are they to install, can the average joe with a socket set and torque wrench be able to do it? I do have the ECU cable so I'm happy to put the new map on it.


  2. If you install it correctly and the said part & installation doesn't lead to a warranty claim then it shouldn't affect your warranty. Install of the slipons isn't hard, torque wrench and some copper grease. Also much easier to knock out the baffles before you install, so if you already know you want it loud then knock it out first by pushing it out from inside the muffler.

    Just make sure you don't stuff up the ECU when you flash it, that will be expensive and warranty won't cover your stuff ups. Use the right map for your VIN, keep your battery on a charger so you don't run out of juice whilst downloading map, keep laptop charged.
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  3. Thanks.

    What this copper grease you speak of? Can I get it at auto one type shops? Do just coat the bolt threads with it before attaching everything back up?


  4. auto shops should have, just small amount to lubricate between metal to metal contact, pipe to pipe, brackets etc
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  5. $100 to fit and remap from PS why take the risk?
  6. From what I hear taking it to PS is a bigger risk....
  7. had my daytona done there no probs have you got the correct software?
  8. I've got the correct software & maps. I've had it connected to fix up the speedo calibration, so no concern there.

    More working how hard it is to physical replacement of the pipes. The $100 to the dealer is ok, it's more the hassle of dropping new pipes off, taking the bike there, picking bike up, coming back to pick up the old pipes. Yours is a valid point though.
  9. id say go for it then not too big a job
  10. You'll be right Raging, pipe swap isnt hard.
    I think you can download the original instructions from the UK triumph site if it didnt come with the pipes.

    Assume you're using TunECU, which I've had no probs with for a while.
  11. Sounds like PS should be paying the customers.
  12. Get this (Molyslip Copaslip): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/120532800581

    Or if you want to buy Australian made:
    Copper based anti seize: http://www.molytec.com.au/HTML PAGES/M805.html
    Nickel based anti seize: http://www.molytec.com.au/HTML PAGES/M825.html

    If you have a choice, get the copper based one, if not, the nickel based should be just fine. Avoid aluminum based anti seize, it's not for high temperature application such as exhaust systems or brake calipers. But sometimes the shop assistance doesn't know and just try to push you whatever they stock.
  13. Just because fair's fair...
    I've taken my bike to Peter Stevens in Ringwood and each time, the service work has been exempliry.
    I had a 9k repair done there, and the bike came back to me in such fantastic shape, that even the most fastidious of riders, would have been go smacked! (ME!)
    It was as if it was fresh off the showroom floor.

    I keep waiting for them to piss me off about something, less than impress me, and it just hasn't happened.

    Of course...if things change, I will advertise that as well, but I have to say that at this point, I'm extremely happy with Peter Stevens in Ringwood.

    The same goes for the salesman, (Corey?) and the financial guy, who tried hard to get me where I needed to be, and succeeded! The day before Xmas eve last year as well.

    But I don't expect stupid shit, and mistakes can happen with any dealer. A TRUE measure of their value, is how quickly they can right the wrongs, and their attitude when doing so, and so far so good. At this point I wouldn't hesitate to buy another bike from them.
  14. Thanks for your help.

    I put them on last night. It took about 3 hours. 30 minutes of that was trying to work out which way the spring bracket went on (the way it twisted) as there was 2 possibilities, in the end no way seemed better then the other, I dont think it made much difference. The second time waster was hacking a spare allen key so it could be used with the torque wrench, but in the end, my cheap aldi torque wrench didn't have low enough settings (it starts at 24 nm), so I just did it live.

    The put on the new map, post download (upload to the ecu), there seemed two ways to do the adaption. One directly through the tune ecu menu, the second through the diagnostics screen. The first didn't work, but the second did. Not sure if that needs addressing.

    I took it for a blat without the baffles in. It's crazy loud, it might be too loud & it might draw to much attention from the boys in blue, not sure. It's waaay louder then the cbr600f was with the staintune (without baffles), that might be due to the position of the exhaust and it just seems louder to the rider. I'll leave the baffles out for a week or so and see how it goes. Are the cool kids with arrows riding around with or without the baffles?

    Thanks again for the help.
  15. FWIW don't worry about the 'cool kids', just do what you want to do.
    Enjoy :)