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Triumph America

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by xDom, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. #1 xDom, Jan 18, 2015
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    Ive got a 2008 Triumph America, Its the first of the fuel injected models. I havent had it long but Im extremely happy with it.
    Im just going through the process of adding a few aftermarket bits on it, and I started thinking about any options for power increase.
    I saw that Triumph Performance Parts in Victoria sell a "Big Bore Kit" that takes it from the 865cc up to 904cc but this is quite exspensive and it wasnt really what I had in mind.
    Being Fuel Injected is it possible to make any changes there for any kind of power increases? Im not after any kind of radical overhaul of the bike, Im just thinking that if there is a relatively simple way of getting a bit extra out of it, then why not?
    Thanks for any help.

  2. yep, there are plenty of options other than the expensive big bore kit. being fuel injected it is just a matter of remapping the fuel system, increasing the air intake and air out :) your exhaust system. if these things have already been done, then you are on your way.
    getting your bike dyno tuned will get the absolute max out of what you have, though can be a bit pricey too, so chat to the dyno tuner and get an idea of costs.
    there is also a soft ware that you can down load and a "special cable" so that you can play around with tuning the system yourself....... but I am a bit technologically challenged :) and havent tried that one yet.
    I am flat out typing this paragraph.... and if the phone rings, or the microwave makes a noise..
    let us know how you get on.
    glad that you are loving your new bike

  3. Gday Irish, How are you mate?, I made a few calls today and found a place in Melbourne called Dyno Bike.They offer a service of fitting a Power Commander module and dyno tuning for $850. Here is the link. http://motorcycleworkshop.com.au/power_commander.htm
    Im considering going down this path as it is the the ball park of what im prepared to fork out.
    Anyone else with any suggestions. Thanks.
  4. money well spent, in my opinion. enjoy
  5. Yes, the triumph twins are known for being badely mapped from the factory. A set of pipes and a re-map will go a long way to improving performance. There may be only a minor imporovement in peak power, but you don't ride there anyway. Where the big difference will be is in the midrange and smoothness and that's what counts.

    I don't know you need a Power Commander for these bikes. The standard computer should be tunable. If you buy a common set of aftermarket pipes or mufflers, then there is probably arleady a map for them. You just need to find a shop that can "talk" to a triumph.

    You only need the Power commander if you are going to be doing a lot of future tuning yourself and even then you can get a number of devices that can talk directly to the Triumph computer. I think the prices are similar.
  6. Well thats interesting, thanks for that ibast. Im really new to all this.
    So you are saying that the Power Commander isnt needed. If I was to go for the $195 Dyno tune advertised on this web page, http://motorcycleworkshop.com.au/power_commander.htm , then there will be an improvement in midrange power and smoothness?
    I had the Triumph high flow pipes fitted by the Triumph dealer when I bought the bike. I believe they had to remap it when these pipes were installed.
    From what I gather that map was designed by Triumph. Wouldnt that map be ideal for the bike with those pipes?
  7. It would be pretty close, so maybe there isn't much to be gained. They do have different interations of maps, so you need to check if you have the latest.
  8. I went through the same options with my EFI Bonnie, after much reading this is what I did.

    Steps to blow your mind:
    1. Get a OBD-2 USB Cable off eBay
      • Hell if you're in Melbourne just drop out to Eltham and I'll give you mine, can't use it on BMWs
    2. Install TuneECU
    3. Buy the tune that best suits your bike from Triumph Twin Power
    With TuneECU it takes about 20 minutes to completely change the characteristics of your bike, and TTP have tunes which are nothing like the stock and SO much better.
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  9. Thanks a lot AlanS, I've already got one of those cables on watch in eBay.
    So it all seems straightforward, I checked out TTP and I'm still thinking about the map to use.
    As I've only had the bike for a month, I'm gonna get a bit more familiar with her before I start my tinkering.
    I appreciate your help.
  10. Good idea to wait a while first. As Irish was saying above, focus on what changes you're going to make to the airflow, mufflers, remove snorkel, free flowing filter, remove airbox etc. these will give you minor performance gains while making the bike more fun to ride. Then load the Triumph OEM tune for aftermarket pipes with TuneECU.

    You'll probably find it easier to get Triumph twin specific information at the TriumphRat Twins Technical talk forum, and TuneECU info in the ECM and FI Tuning - Help, Tips & Tricks forum, start with this post from Forchetto for a great introduction to TuneECU.