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Triumph America or Speedmaster - ride day

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by philbie, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Here's my review of my day out trialing the Triumph America and Speedmaster - firdt cruiser ride, first triumph ride.

    Was a perfect day for riding - 28 degrees C and the odd cloud in the sky. Rode my R1150RT 40 mins down the road to the nearest Triumph dealer. The trip is mostly 100km/h the whole way so is a nice country ride. Tried out my new BMW sport integral helmet as well - very nice, but still lots of buffeting around my head - I have to wear ear plugs to tone it down.

    Arrived at the dealer to a friendly and very helpful bunch of people, more than happy to put me on the 2007 Speedmaster for a ride. I waited no longer than 5 minutes...

    The speedmaster had an exhust mode, still factory pipes, put the dealer does his "thing" and the bike sounded brilliant, I was taken back at how fantastic it sounded - a major + in my books to start with.

    Took off and noticed how light the clutch was compared to the RT, smooth and without the notchy BMW gear change "clunk" the gearbox was without even a noise - I was stunned, if was only my snatchy clutch hand that made me realize I had actually changed gear. Power was full nright through the gear changes, and the exhust note was divine....
    Handlebars were great and everything came to hand nicely, (indicators took a while - i expected that). The feet position took some getting used to, the hips felt funny at first, but the gear shift and brake were easy to get to and never in the way.
    I was happy throwing it through corners, although it felt strange after my usual position on the beemer. I liked the brakes, and actually enjoyed not listening to servos for a change at the lights.

    I was surprised at how quiet the bike was, couldn't hear any engine noise except at idle at the traffic lights. I also noticed how quiet my helmet was --- no buffeting at all, smooth air flow all over, I was gob smacked.

    At 6'4 I was worried about the leg room, and did notice the back of my bum feeling a little sore after 15 minutes, but on noticing, realized my legs were most likely a little high up.. towards the top of the tank, hence i had no support under my thighs...is this normal? It worries me, and the seat felt hard after the BMW seat. Again, all due to sitting differently.

    Shocks were hard after riding the beemer - to be expected, but on the bad Australian country roads, I wondered how much the adjustments would cater for this.....

    All in all I was shocked just how fantastic it all felt as a package.

    I got back to the dealer and then headed out on the same path on the America. The America was second hand, had aftermarket pipes, small screen and foot boards. I liked the foot boards, just not the angle thay were on, and found the screen buffeted my head more than i liked - it put me off, but I put this down to the screen. The bars were better - or so I first thought, but I think i liked the speedmasters better.

    Happy - I gave them back and then went down the same road on my RT - now i noticed the cluncky gear changes, slight surging whist slowing at the lights, and screen up or down, the wind noise around my helet was SHOCKING! so much so, i had to stand up whist doing 100km/h just to see if it would stop.

    Frustrated, I headed back to the dealer, and asked for another ride of the speedmaster to really sus this out.

    Having done this before - it felt better the second time, everything coming straight to hand, and the noise - nothing but that lovely note out the back. I was amazed at how much noise my BMW actually produces in wind buffeting. The difference was so big, I had to use my ear plugs all the way home that day....needless to say I was disapointed.

    Would I buy one?

    You bet - I had a blast, and couldn't help but do it again, and I'd give anything to be out there today doing it again. What does worry me is if I wanted to do a trip, I'd like a screen to take the wind off my chest - but will that start the buffeting again at helmet level??

    now confusion has now set in.