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triumph america- any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by twainharte, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. any of you fine folks here have any thoughts on the 'trumpy'- america?

    i can't recall right now but a member of netrider owns one. (would like to pick her brain if i could...)

    have my eye on it as an near future upgrade. :) this morning i finally got around to taking a closer look and sitting on it, as well as the 'speedmaster', at a dealer. hmmm, lots of chrome! :shock: lots to clean. :)
    shall book for a test ride sometime soon.

  2. Gavin owns one, she is damn nice.
  3. There is a review in this weeks AMCN .
  4. My personal experience, they are asthmatic and underpowerd for the capacity, not particually comfortable either, especially if you install the running boards, they are not set at the right angle.
    That said they can be made into a nice looking bike(check out the one @ Dandenong PS)that may go a little harder than your 250 albeit a lot heavier too.
  5. For the same price you could buy the HD XL883 Sportster....much nicer bike imo. Will hold its value alot better aswell.
  6. The Sportsters do go really well - see if you can get one of the rubber mount engine models +2005. A very nice ride in either the Roadster or Custom

    I originally looked at a Bonneville but for me it was a bit underpowered, however, ride it and see how you go.

    Without doubt the Triumphs oooze style, and I really like the retro look. Are you wanting to go two up? If so take a pillion for the test ride.

    Good luck in your search
  7. PM helina handbasket he will give you some info on the bike.
  8. The Americas a great bike , I own one , and ride it almost everyday

    1) there not under powered just their breathing is restricted for CA EPA regs
    a) remove snorkel
    b) get some pipes or a baffelectomy
    c) remove the AI system
    maybe a set of 130 main jets

    If your going to do long rides 800 + replace front sprocket with 17 tooth jobbie
    two up she'll happily sit on 70/80 mph all day, with no vibes

    if you want a bike thats costs a fortune for parts will rust out in a year or two go the sportster
    America is much more comfortable to ride than the 883 especially if your above 4ft tall .
    The TBA is not a sports bike, but I haven't come across a car that can hassle me from the lights. Splitting/filtering can be an issue sometimes due to the bar width.
    If you want some real information on one and good techinical advice try here , you'll see you don't have to spend much to get them to out power some larger jap cruisers.

    Best of all ishe has style , and class , and yep Pulls the chicks
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. haha! thanks for your 'unbiased' opinions guys;)

    $15 000 is the limit on what i want to spend. out of that i would like enough left over to cover the insurance and alittle more left over for a mths worth of gas...LOL

    anyway. to be honest a harley never crossed my mind but i will check out the sporster as suggested.

    as for going "two-up"... nah, it's just me:)

    'helina handbasket'- not sure if this is stupid a question, kinda like asking how long a piece of string is but is the servicing cost reasonable for the 'america'?
  10. Twain,

    I havn't ridden either but I have looked them both over and sat on both. Obviously how they feel to ride has to be the important thing but for my money, the America has a thick edge in the looks and feel department (at least while standing still)
  11. I didn't even realise what CustomKris rode :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Am sure the dealers are still desperate to sell, so ride them both for a good distance.

    Servicing costs should be pretty close for both. I take mine to an indie shop so save some cash there as opposed to dealer.

    Do you think you will want to customise your ride? I imagine there are a few options for a Triumph, however [damn biased opinion again] there would have to be more for a HD :cool:
  12. Rust out in a year or 2? Dude, i know you might be biased, but come on!
  13. Just going on the one I borowed for 2 months, it was 18 mths old and the head bolts had started to corrode, so had several overs, $70 to replace an air filter , just parts, and a rubber hose clamped to the frame for oil drainage , tyres that say slide as soon as a spot of rain hit the road, and brakes that made my old 72 bonnie seem like a latest sports bike

    Was a wonderful well engineered machine , and yes I am totally biased

    :shock: :shock: :shock: , now an Indian I could understand, but don't put the poor guy off riding by suggesting a sportster :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. First service cost just on $200 , but Don't take it to Peter Stevens city or dandenong,
    theres a few others that do Trumps.

    As to after market goods, you can get everything from clothing to big bore kits , cams , K&N filters, etc for the TBA even a belt drive kit. The bike was pretty much made for the American Market.
  15. good question. intitially no. although that may change when i'm ready to buy... if i was to get the america, and if at all possible, i'd get the standard seat changed to the one that's standard on the speedmaster and i'd definitely get some saddlebags. new pipes? maybe?
  16. 'helina handbasket'- a question about cleaning: how do you clean the thing? high presure hose? i'd imagine there is alot of effort involved?