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Triumph 675 vs Ford Falcon Typhoon

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Channel 9's "The Car Show" recently taped a feature that pitted School Principal Steve Brouggy (on his trustly Triumph Daytona 675 Triple) against V8 Supercar Legend John Bowe (in a Ford Falcon 'Typhoon' by FPV) around Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

    Regular presenters on the show Dieter Kahsnitz and David Morley also got in on the act with a "car vs bike, pleb vs pleb, expert vs expert" extravaganza. To find out who won the 'lap off', and to see some spectacular slow motion footage of Steve crashing at over 200km/h exiting Hayshed corner, turn onto Channel 9 at 12am (midnight) on Wednesday 12th of July, or 12.30pm (noon and a half) on Saturday the 15th of July.
  2. Was Steve ok?????????
  3. The latest AMCN had a snippet about it, as well as a spoiler which I won't repeat here, but Steve apparantly was okay.

    Turn 8 is where I came off and smashed my shoulder, but that was from a high-side in the wet. Turn 8 is the second fastest corner on the track and catches a lot of people out as you're powering through strongly at high lean and it's not the smoothest section of the track.
  4. I would give anything to throw my leg over a Daytona 675.

    It's idiotic, I'm not even on my Ps yet and I'm already planning how I could begin to save for a shiny new 675. I feel like I'm being unfaithful to Sheila, poor thing.
  5. I don't think it's a very valid comparison myself. The Typhoon, while being a sensational version of a Falcon, is still a mediocre sports car. Compare this to the 675 which rates very highly in sporting terms. The comparison should have been against a stock Porsche, then the results would be more realistic I think.
  6. i agree. can you really every compare bikes and cars though?? im struggling to explain to all of my friends why their cars suck so much, because bikes are so much better!
  7. Robbie Bugden last year rode a stock 2005 Yamaha R1, complete with stock road tyres and mirrors (although he did adjust the suspension to suit him), around Queensland Raceway, and was up against a $510,000 600hp Gemballa Porsche GT600, and the stock R1 came out on top by around 1sec.
  8. Bikes are faster than 'normal' cars - and even most 'super' cars no doubt.

    However, once you start getting up there you will find that the advantage of having four wheels and downforce means that cars can outcorner bikes quite convincingly. Have a look at the lap records for any track you care to name before you disagree :wink:
  9. Phillip Island Track Records



    Only Formula 4000 and Formula 3 faster than bikes there.

    Sadly Australian superbikes haven't run at the Island for a long time now, so can't make that comparison vs Aussie V8 Supercars.
  10. Were the stock dunlop 218's used? not to my knowledge
    Tyre warmers were used aswell. Also the track was more bike friendly.
    If the car used had another 300 hp and tyre warmers then it would have been more fair. You put a AVERAGE rider on a 4 stroke 250 and a AVERAGE driver in a 250 hp 1500 kg car to make things even and the car will win every time.

  11. Hmmm, unsure about the tyres on the bike. Had heard that they were stock, but I do know that they were treaded and not slicks. Tyre warmers would be a safety thing. Pushing a bike hard from the get-go is a lot riskier than doing the same in a car. It was a standing start. If they were flying laps after 3 laps of warm up, that may have been "fairer".

    "If the car had another 300hp"?

    Say what? The car already cost $510,000 and is an aftermarket up-specced Porsche. The bike was stock. We're taking perhaps the best registerable specialist shop modified car that money can buy and putting it up against what is pretty much an unmodified stock $18K bike (tyres? and suspension aside), and you're asking for another 300hp "to make it fair"?

    "You put a AVERAGE rider on a 4 stroke 250 and a AVERAGE driver in a 250 hp 1500 kg car to make things even and the car will win every time."

    The Porsche driver was a top level racer too.

    Define an "average" rider? An "average" driver? Why use a 250cc bike too? Why put an entry level bike up against a top-of-the-line sports sedan (250hp)? How is that even remotely fair?

    Seem to me that "fair" for you is whatever it takes for a car to beat the bike, even if that means disadvantaging the bike as much as possible while advantaging the car as much as possible.
  12. Philip Island have two 675's for track day hire. They're not being advertised yet but they are there. Sometime between now and Xmas I plan to fly to Melbourne and hire the 675 for a Philip Island track day.

    Cost = approx $500 plus travel to PI. Wanna join me ?

    If all goes well I'll buy one next year :)

  13. I never mentioned a top of the line sports car.
    I was thinking of power to weight to make it a fair race. Of course its economical to choose a the r1 over the porsche. A fair race would be both having the same power to weight ratio other wise one will always be advantaged.
  14. Geez you guys can make up bike/car scenarios all day but who really cares?? Bikes AND cars rock!

  15. why would you say that , yes it is worth half a million dollars what more do you want.

    OHH ok

    If the car had another 1,000HP it would win.
    Maybe if the bike had flat tyres the car would win.
    Any more disadvantages for the bike.
    The bike is stock.stock.stock.
  16. It's just a bit of harmless fun.

    Where it stops being fun is when people claim that a heavily modified half-million dollar car against a stock $18K bike is "unfair" to the car.

    Actually, I changed my mind. That is somewhat funny. :twisted:
  17. I said a fair race power to weight wise!
    And once again the bike didnt have the dunlop 218's on it. So not stock!
    RB did really well to beat the porche. im not knocking his efforts at all.
  18. was that Steve from Superbike school?

    I saw him in a wheelchair last year.
    same guy?

  19. *Opens up wallet. Moth flies away*


    Well I'm meant to start my graduate job mid-August. Then the saving can begin! (hopefully...cause thenthe added costs of moving out begin!).
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