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Triumph 675 Service Costs {moved from General}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by meshes, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    approaching my first major 675 service interval in the next month or two, hitting 10,000km.

    anyone daytona 675 riders with experience know roughly what kind of things are done and a kind of average price i'm going to be looking at?

    second hand so i haven't had a service interval yet. i think the intervals are 1600km/10000km/20000km so pretty far apart.
  2. The work to be done is in the back of your service manual - if you don't have one, PM me and I'll email you a copy. What year model do you have? I have a 2012 Street Triple R - the manual is the same for the Daytona of the same year. As for the cost, can't help you there - I'm only up to about 6,000km or thereabouts.
  3. Mine is about to go in for the 1 year/ 10,000km service, im keen to know the cost also....
  4. 10,000 km service on my Street triple cost $300. Its a minor service. Mine is currently in for 20km service which I expect will be a lot more as it includes checking the valves.
  5. Why not get a few quotes from different shops to get the idea?

    I recently got quotes from 3 shops (not for a tripple, just my little 250) including PS. Ranging from $650 to $1000.

    Then I told PS that the clutch replacement can't be ~$500 maybe around ~$300 mark top with labour (as part of the service). And they dropped the price from $1000 to about $800 saying that was their mistake.

    Keep an eye on things like that.
  6. where are you op ive had mine for 40000ks serviced at moto technics ftreegully usualy around $400
  7. sydney. i've heard the 20k service is around $1000 as its major and includes removal of forks etc.

    still keen to know about the 10k service cost tho..

    how many kms on your ninja for a $800 service? i only had a ninja to 6000kms and that service was about $400-500.. i'd regret spending nearly a grand on a service for LAMS junk.
  8. Somewhat related.....

    I am one anal-retentive sonofabitch....

    When I take the bike in for a major service.....when I specifically ask for things to be done - I mark them.

    A little nip of whiteout on the oil canister, a little nip on the fork seal....

    If the mark is still there when I pick the bike up.....the job was not done.....

    Can't help in all situations - but think about how you can "measure" the job you're paying for.
  9. Good tip Nick
  10. Please ensure you post threads in the correct forum.

    PS. A 20,000km service should be around the $800 mark (including the valve adjustment).