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Triump Sprint ST - Tempted AF

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. There are a couple of these at similar numbers in Qld at the moment, but this is probably the pick of them: 2006 Triumph Sprint ST for sale

    Any particular warnings? If they'd give me, or I could get privately, anything much at all for the Bandit, it would be pretty accessible. It's 7 years and 100,000 km younger than the Bandit and has more fairing, and every review of these that I read is glowing.
  2. 50 kilos lighter and 10 or so horse more, too...
  3. They get a good review as far as the riding goes, light on their feet and comfortable. I've thought about one, but currently am more in favour of a BMW Rxxxx RT.
  4. geez I thought they were a bit heavy :p

    Triumph rec/reg but heard no other issues. later models had the luggage as standard but heavier.
    they look to be good value to other options.
  5. I have had mine for the last few months so can't vouch for long term reliability. Mine does have >60,000 on the clock and still goes fine.

    It's a great all rounder do everything bike. Power is adequate, happy scraping pegs in the hills, taking a passenger or simply chugging along the highway.

    The only annoyance is it really doesn't like going below about 40km/h so there is a lot of clutch feathering during filtering. Also should add suspension is a little on the soft side for my taste.

    Also in case you aren't aware the earlier ones had lower bars and they changed them to a more upright position in 08 I think. Don't know if that influences your decision at all.
  6. Thanks, that's very helpful. The unhappiness at low speed is an issue, because I spend a *lot* of time filtering on the M1.
  7. I suppose if you dropped the gearing it might help. I commute 1-2 days a week on about 30km of motorway. I find my left hand does start to hurt after a while as the bike requires a fair bit of clutch feathering. It feels like first is geared too low and second too high for filtering comfortably. I find it ok but for an everyday bike it could be enough to justify passing on it. If you can though give it a test as YMMV and honestly I haven't even checked if mines running the stock gearing.
  8. By reputation, they are supposed to be quite good out of the box (suspension wise), but go a bit soft quite quickly. May require a bit of refurb if that's something that would bother you.
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  9. Mine has an aftermarket Ohlins on the rear which is incredible. The front is a bit soft. Could mess around with fork oil and the like but at the end of the day it's a cheap bike and really just not worth it in my view. I picked up mine for $4k so it's hard to justify dropping money on it for small things that aren't really a major issue.

    I hadn't heard they had a reputation for going a bit soft over time, something to think about.