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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. http://www.foulbeast.com/zoomquilt/zoom.htm
    mum: Jimmy! how many times have I told you not to buy the mushrooms the hippy sells at the market???
    jimmy: Whooooaaaa


  2. been my screensaver for ages :grin:

    now wheres this market with the hippy es? its been WAY too long :cool:
  3. yeah i saw it years ago originally.

    far as the mushrooms go, im told they grow in cool damp areas ;) :LOL:
  4. Oh man, through the looking glass or what!
  5. yeah but nothing beats having a hippy to pick them for you :p :p
  6. well many hippies to be found at cofest this weekend!
  7. Thats excellent stuff!
  8. whoooooaaaa that was trippy
    but bloody awsome....
  9. and hello headache :(
  10. I swear I've seen that on my loungeroom wall before
  11. That stuff freaks you out when you're drunk :(
  12. man that's intense
  13. havnt we all at one stage :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. man now you know what its like when I close my eyes! nah lol...

    thats great!!!
  15. very cool... hey they nicked some stuff out of fairy tales... I've seen one of those trees before.. the one eating the lizard...

    ...."yeah sure you have, like the magical fairy from happy land" "If you didnt notice I was being sarcastic" " well.. der" (simpsons episode...)
  16. way cool. who needs mushies? life's trippy enough ;)
  17. speaking of confest and tripping and such like, i heard this great lyric for the first time on the way back fr confest which i thought pretty much summed up the weekend, and life the universe and everything quite nicely actually (sorry to hijack your thread for a moment es and sorry to those who already know it):

    I'm a believer.
    Well, that's not strictly true.
    I'm more of a make-believer.
    But it sort of adds up to the same thing.
    Here in the lap of the Gods, neither party holds a universal truth, and our hopes are like litter in the open road for everybody to drive through.
    Teetering on the swath, my physical limitations dwarfed just by the wonder of living.
    Brought on for no real reason other than just the wonder of life.
    And now, being what I want to be catches up so fast with me, I have to make up better and newer possibilities just to keep up with myself.
    And now, nothing is a problem.
    My mouth is dry from the heat, endless possible futures and the sweet promise of tomorrow is quenching my thirst.
    All we need to do now ... is cheat death ... for as long as we can.
    So that when the day finally comes, we can pull a clean sheet from our pockets and write down all that we have achieved, all that we have seen, to make sure we have left nothing behind.
    We are nothing.
    We are nothing.
    We are nothing.
    Other than that that we give away for free, and we are nothing but the sum of our parts.

    :grin: :grin: luvit
  18. I think trippers are trippers luv. whatever the moment, reason etc. anyhow... how is the bike hunting. btw i am home today.... checked out the zx6 00 in the classifieds. nice.

    I WAAANT ANOTHER BIKE esp today. :-(
  19. now THATS reallly trippee :tantrum: