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Tripodtiger - another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by tripodtiger, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. G'day all.
    Escapee from AdvRider, OffRoadExplorer, Australian XS11 owners, Aircooled RD, RDLC Crazy and even Triumph RAT forums. Dobbo mentioned this, so I'd thought I'd poke my nose around here, too..

    You might say I like bikes. I've got a few.

    I've had this one since 1976. I bought it from my brother, who bought it new from Ace Motorcycles, Liverpool. I feel like a teenager again whenever I get to ride it.

    This one I bought in '81, from SpotOn Motorcycles on Parramatta Rd Five Dock. It had 3800km on the odo back then and cost me $3200. Nice old beast. The tank and plastics are being re-painted at the moment, as near to original as possible.

    The Tiger 900 I bought new in '97. Whitehouse Motorcycles in Albury are still in business! It got it's second sidecar finished in February 2011 - hence the forum id. I sold my KTMs because off road on a solo keeps injuring me. Now, my all road touring will be done on this.

    Project D. '77 RD400D that I was given. To this point the frame, swingarm, steering head have all been painted. The wheels are cleaned up ready for bearings. Rolling chassis isn't that far away, [-o<

    Project LC. I had a rush of blood and bought this, recently, off e-bay. I paid way too much for it.:-({|= It's having the frame straightened before I spend more money on leathers etc for track day use. If I get sufficiently confident, it will be post classic racing. Maybe I'll need to buy a ute too?

    I sometimes get to ride the W(oman's) 800. It's really my wife's but she only rides sometimes, so I have to keep the oil circulated. I just had a 300k ride on it today. The opposition leader bought this last year, from Wagga Motorcycles.

    I suppose, if I had a shed, I could have more bikes. Maybe.

    Been around a while. Started with the Ls in '76 but before that I had a couple of rides on trail bikes, but I don't often count them. I've been fortunate enough to only loose my licence once, that was in '78 for not displaying a P plate. The biggest lesson there was, when others in your group get stopped, keep riding to the next town.

    Lots of touring and commuting. Rallys and such like. My riding these days is all road touring - finding back roads and trying to take all day to get somewhere that the plebs will reach in a couple of hours makes life interesting, and I can get the camera out.
    I like taking photos, too. Most of them are kept on line, at SmugMug - Tripodtiger.

    I've been doing videos as well. I post my stuff in Youtube at, yes, Tripodtiger. I am getting slowly better with the editing, I like the ones I stuck up from Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza this year. Taken from the RD showing my mates from down this way, and how slow they are, except in a straight line:D:D

    Anyway, G'day.
    I'll be typing at ya.
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  2. Best intro ever.
  3. Welcome, nice collection of tinkerable toys. Look forward to links to some of your vids.
  4. lovely collection of early Tuning Fork devices (y)

    my first bike was an RD-250B (disc-brake) model, bought brand new for $748 in 1974....

    Welcome to Netrider too :).
  5. Great collection! Welcome to NR. :D
  6. thanks all.
    Now to find out where to stick some videos and photos.
  7. lovely collection, welcome and thanks for sharing
  8. Welcome to NR. Love the intro and your passion for all things related to motorbikes. :)

    The first pic bought a smile to my face as my FIRST bike was very similar to that.

    If you've catalogued your bike mods with pics etc, I would love to have a look or read about them. (y)
  9. Welcome to the forum, nice collection of bikes there :)
  10. Lo bloke
  11. Hey, welcome to NetRider. :)
  12. Great intro, welcome to NR!