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Triple zero heroes

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. who watched it tonight, bike getting run over by a truck, crikey

  2. come again?
  3. havnt u heard of the tv show, triple zero heroes, must be a nsw thing :)
  4. Nope was in Vic as well.
    Reminds me of Zeddicus's story.
    Do a search on Zeddicus and read his story I'm sure he has posted it here.
  5. by the looks of that story, WHAT WAS HE THINKING, looks like the rider, rode straight into that turning truck..

    his helmet done its job though
  6. It is zeddicus's story
  7. No one knows what exactly happened, the dramatic re-enactment was exactly that, a dramatic re-enactment, as he is no doubt going to read this sooner or later, keep it respectful guys - you weren't there, (neither was I) so at the end of the day without reading through the full witness statements etc, its unlikely you are going to get the full story about what happened.

    In summary, its not really fair to discuss fault based on a re-enactment, so do your fellow nerdrider a favour and don't :)
  8. How ugly he is, is of course, fair game.
  9. Yes, that was my story. The episode is available via the regular internet channels for anyone who cares to go looking :p

    As to how realistic the exact setup is... well like mrtwrx said, it's a dramatisation. I expect it would be fairly representative but given I have no memory and given the police are being cagey with releasing witness statements under FOI, I can only make educated guesses.
  10. geez mate, that was freaking me out watching that, how u survived that is beyond me but im glad u did, id bloody frame that helmet and buy another 1 exactly the same, to take that impact and sit there today to talk about it is insane...
  11. my girlfriend saw that part, and immediately started telling me to be more careful riding :LOL:
  12. I had to send the old kit to my insurer to get a payout for it, so I took photos first (see sig).

    And yes, I did buy another helmet exactly like it :)
  13. I saw the show and was amazed by your survival. Now seeing your gear I am even more amazed. It is gratifying to know that in some extreme circumstances things are working in our favour. Glad you're alive and able to share. :)
  14. Found Brad's post
    You're a legend mate even if we have disagreements.:wink:

    My worst near death experience? From my copious 9 months riding experience I'll relate my first and hopefully only:
    Dec 21st 2007, approx 9:13am. Cruising to work on my ZZR-250 along Parramatta Road. These are the facts I know to be true. What comes next is purely from the police report as I have no memory of that day (or much of the few days following really).
    At the corner of Harris Rd and Parramatta Rd, dump truck + dog trailer is stopped at the lights in the middle lane. Front of truck is just into left hand lane but apparently far enough such that cars are backed up behind truck in both far left (gutter) and middle lane.
    Lights go green. Semi begins his turn into Harris. Dump-truck goes fully into Harris Rd leaving dog trailer still turning. At this point I come down gutter lane and notice truck blocking my way. Hard on the brakes. I come off and fall under trailer. Back set of wheels (one or two axles, this is not clear) run over my head and chest. Bike does not go under truck. Que ambos + police + a fast ride to RPA hospital + 6 or 8 hrs surgery (first op) and 2 weeks in ICU before landing in a general ward.
    Those are the facts. There are unfortunately several issues with them:
       1. At least one witness claimed I was lane splitting. This is physically impossible on Parramatta road (you can change lanes but cannot split, there's simply no room.) Several friends who ride have seen the stretch of road in question and concur.
       2. Police mentioned someone moved my bike prior to them arriving.
       3. At least one witness claimed (and police report thus states) I attempted to turn left into Harris and clipped side of truck which was halfway into making same turn; i.e. I attempted to turn under the truck into the same road.
       4. At least one witness claimed cars waiting behind truck in both middle and gutter lane. How did I get past them at all, let alone at sufficient speed to fail to stop before going under the semi?
    Of the above points, #1 is impossible. #2 affects the crash scene investigation (which apparently went for something like 9 hours). #3 is suicidal, not to mention the fact that I have no reason to go down Harris Rd (I take City Westlink a click or two down the road). #4 points to witnesses being wrong (again). Unfortunately I have absolutely no memory of the incident and thus must make do with theorizing.
    As to what I think happened:
    Scenario: Truck turning into Harris as per above. For some reason I do not see my lane is blocked (there are _huge_ amounts of vision at this stretch of road, you can see the intersection from approx 600 - 800 meters away). I fail to notice stopped traffic at lights (possible but unlikely) and by the time I notice it's been green for only three or four seconds. I hit the brakes. Two seconds go by and at the last moment back wheel locks up and steps out to the right (explains cagers claiming I attempted to turn left into Harris). Released back brake and performed a low-speed highside onto my right side, sliding a meter or three and under the middle of dog trailer which proceeds to roll over me. I almost certainly had my initial impact to the right (broken fingers and cut on elbow to prove it). Alternatively instead of highside I attempted to squeeze the last meter or two of stopping space by heading to left side of lane and/or turning left as hard as possible to attempt the corner and thus miss truck.
    This still does not explain how I could possibly have gotten past the stopped cars in my lane which were apparently behind the truck waiting for it to turn. Assuming the witness is wrong and there were no cars in my lane, it doesn't explain how a truck stopped in middle lane at peak hour on Parramatta road, doesn't have cars stopped either side of it (There's simply too many cars on the road at that time of day, especially given the 60 or 90 seconds of wait time at the lights, for there not to be traffic stopped behind the truck in middle and left lane).
    Scenario 2: Truck merged into me (or my lane at least) in preparation for the turn (so he can claim both lanes). This coincides with how I normally see semi's conduct left hand turns (i.e. back of truck in left lane, front in middle lane and hook around - NOT the other way around). It also explains how I utterly failed to avoid the accident given the visual distance available at that intersection. Furthermore it explains the bent forks if I went far left to avoid and hit the gutter as part of the initial "omgwtfLEFTLEFTLEFT" reaction). Hit gutter, fall right and under dog trailer, close to intersection.
    I believe scneario 2 fits more than scenario 1 but given the witness statments (which I have not seen but which the police report is based on) and given my own lack of memory there's no way to substantiate it.
    My insurance company sent me a copy of the police report. I called the constable who conducted the investigation and who both my family and I had been dealing with post incident. He agreed that it seemed unlikely and that the scenarios we discussed were certainly possible, but ultimately he can only write what the witnesses say.
    Negatives from the experience? In no particular order:
        * Fractured base of skull
        * Subdural haematoma
        * 14 broken ribs
        * 2 punctured lungs
        * Ripped all right-side abdominal muscles off illiac crest (hip bone)
        * Herniated internal organs (organs in the wrong place, some poking out but thankfully not through skin).
        * Torn liver
        * Fractured transverse process' L2 through L4 (broken back; this hurt and was the only pain I remember feeling when the RPA Accident and Emergency staff asked me what hurt. On the positive side I did know why I was there so I wasn't completely f*$ked)
        * Broken neck
        * LeForte I and II fractures. Basically a whole bunch of breaks in my cheakbones and around the nose.
        * Anterior dislocated disc without reduction: my jaw joint was stuffed and I couldn't open my mouth more than about 1cm. Not sure whether this was caused by the accident or by facial surgery one week after.
        * 2x broken fingers in right hand.
        * Issues with my right elbow (missing about 5% of movement at this time)
        * I'm now the proud owner of two titanium plates and several screws which were placed to reinforce both cheeks.
        * Lots of rather large scars on chest and stomach.
        * I quit smoking (morphine is a wonderful thing)
        * I'm positively paranoid on a bike now (which unfortunately leads to having very little enjoyment on the bike at this stage but hopefully this will change)
        * I managed to get a date with one of my nurses at RPA Wink
    At this point I'm about 90-95% of "day to day" normal and about 65-70% of "max capability" normal. Docs think I'll come very close to 100% and I think so too.
    Pics of the gear (including my poor, utterly destroyed Shoei) can be seen from link in sig.
  15. Cagey???
    You are the F$%king “victim†and you can’t get the witness statements???
    With the insanity of NSW Laws, did they try to charge you with reckless driving?
    If so then access to the witness statements is your right as part of forming your defence…
    If not then WTF Have they got to hide?
    The more I see of the lack of transparency in our legal system the more I really wonder.
    Which also leads to the question of how anyone can make a “Re-enactment†if they can’t get hold of witness statements.
  16. I saw that episode. all I can say is you are one lucky B@$t@rD !!!
    i'm glad it had a good ending. phew
  17. It was done based on talking to myself and the two witnesses involved with the show. One thing we do know is that the police report is incorrect in at least one aspect: it states the truck was stopped at the lights on Parramatta road. The traffic light pattern at that intersection make this impossible (short of the truck stopping on full green) and thankfully the main witness backs my take on this (i.e. the truck was never stationary). We won't know more until the official statements come through from NSW Police.

    For my part I told them what the police report stated as well as what I think really occured but ultimately that is just speculation. Filming was in Feb of this year IIRC (the '3 months later and back on his bike' quote is from me as I was riding again by early March 2008) so they're going from witness memory of an incident > 12 months previously. As the show focuses on the actions of people immediately after the incident the exact details of how the incident occurs are not entirely critical to the show itself.

    My insurance company has requested the original witness statements at least three times now, in writing. They have commented to me that it is highly unusual for such a request not to be honoured the first time around. There is speculation this delay may be caused by the NSW Police legal people giving the official police statment and witness statements the once over and realising they don't match up. This is however, pure speculation. Regardless we'll get them eventually and what they say will in large part determine where we go from there.

    *EDIT* According to the insurance company solicitors, being an FOI request it can take upwards of a year to get the information. We've been waiting over a year at this point.

    RE charges, well technically yes they were required to charge me with *something* given that they attended the scene, placed me at fault, and given that someone (i.e. me!) was carted off by the ambos. The officer attending visited me at my home very late one night in Feb '08, at my request, to take my written statement (but mostly to tell me WTF had happened as they could not say anything until I had signed a statement). He mentioned at that time that he'd had a word to his traffic sargeant and they had both decided to skip laying any charges. Nice of them :) but hopefully academic as I hope to have the official story changed to more closely match what I believe occured.
  18. Anyone got a link for the story? I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for

  19. details, NAO!

  20. We've been together just over six months now :cool: :grin: