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Triple M Sydney - Feel free to vent

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jeworge, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. I just saw this on Triple M Sydney's Facebook public page. I'm disappointed the motorcycle community has been targetted in this way, but the support appears to be for motorbikes generally.

    "Don't you just hate it..
    You think there's an empty car park, drive around the corner and.....
    Feel free to vent. (Becko)"

  2. ...knock the bike over. Then drive off without leaving a note because in your head somehow the motorcycle was in the wrong.

    Still, could provide an opportunity for NSW people to try and get Triple M to start campaigning for legal footpath parking.
  3. ohh he got smashed, management stepped in to calm the situation, i left my reply in a swearing sort of way, and if anyone knows that location, let me know, ill really make his day when bikes take up ALL the spots
  4. Liked this response from

    Vaughan Wilson There was movement at the station
    for the word had passed around
    that the DJ from Triple M had gone astray
    And he joined the rude car drivers – he wasn’t worth a pinch of shit
    So all the cracks had gathered to affray
    All the tried and noted riders from the stations near and far
    had mustered in the car park overnight,
    for the bikers love free riding where the cars all barely move
    and the sports bike snuffs the battle with delight

    There was Harrison who made his pile, when Casey Stoner won the cup
    And an old man with his hair as white as snow
    But few could drive beside him when his blood was fairly up
    He would go wherever bike and man could go
    And Mick Doohan of the Hall of fame came down to lend a hand
    No better rider ever took the reins
    For never bike could throw him while the tyres held their grip.
    He learnt to ride while sliding in the rains
  5. Fer Gords Sake.

    I can't be assed reading through 400 comments but judging by the caption, I have the same reaction every time in a carpark when I think there's a spot and there is some twinky little hybrid piece of crap parked 2m deeper into it's spot than every other car.

    Making this out to be some sort of act of war against motorcyclists is just lame. Then laughable once you look at how many people got offended.
  6. If you go back to the very first comments, where TripleM was deliberately trolling (saying the bike should have parked on the footpath, and that only hippies ride instead of driving) makes it easier to understand how people got offended.

    I don't think it's so much what was being said, but the fact that is was being said through an official channel of a major media service that's the problem.
  7. Ahh. If that's the case then flame on.
  8. I think it's great how our community rally to support each other.
  9. mine got deleted lol
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  10. Triple M response
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  11. Oh, I couldn't find your comment. Thought you might've been the anonymous "Joe Smith".
  12. Haha that was me. I have a second Facebook account that I use for things like this and liking deals to get offers & stuff
  13. Mmhmm I agree that the original post isn't much of an issue, the statement was general. The posts that followed were the concerning ones.
  14. Seems to me they handled it pretty well in the end, and some good might come of it. Also seems that people in the media, and politics, often underestimate the united front they come up against when having a go at motorcyclists generally.
  15. Fixed that for you.

    That manager did do a good job of trying to moderate the situation, which can not be said of the DJ who posted the initial comments through the TripleM account.
  16. I saw Goz's post - liberal use of the F word probably did it for ya
  17. Good outcome really. Don't piss off riders!

    The power of the interweb strikes again
  18. Deleted
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  19. Public oppression for something that a white Camry cannot give you?

    Or is the consistent brain washing of the Sheelple working…

    Mind you the previous head of the NSW Centre for Road Safety is an Associate Professor of Psychology rather than an Engineer or Physicist.

    Twice in two weeks someone has caused a stir with Motorcyclists!
  20. A person with a psychology background may be more qualified than an engineer or a physicist.....it really depends on the applicant/person.

    Many road features and design stems from studies of human behavior etc.......think for example rider "survival reactions".