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Triple J top 100

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    Triple J top 100 is on right now, just started for those interested.

    If you aren't interested, that's ok too.
  2. I'm stuck at work but I have it playing on the sound systems here, yay
  3. sitting at home drinking a beer on the internet, hottest 100 is making it better but being bikeless and with all my mates overseas, at work or up the coast my aussie day is pretty boring
  4. I'm at work, that's the only reason why I know its on. Otherwise I would probably be * right now.

    * = riding, fishing and/or drinking
  5. It would be nice if the Aunty would broadcast it on digital with all the associated film clips...so's I could watch it later...and later
  6. Something wrong with their podcast and the online stream seems corrupt (plays at double the speed)! If only I could get the normal radio transmission under all this concrete :(
  7. really captain? mine is online streaming and it sounds crystal clear
  8. My online streaming is fine too.

  9. Used the "Tune In" app on the phone to select a different stream and its all good now! Thanks for the heads up about this too... making my day at work go a lot quicker (y)
  10. well at least something is going quick for a change. hahaha sorry, couldn't resist. :sneaky:
  11. I'm listening to Dave Seaman's global underground mix. Not sure which one, possibly the first. All I know is it's far better than anything recent.
  12. :finger:
  13. Nearly in the top 10, I wonder if Gangnam Style will make it it. Just as a joke, like Salmon Hater.
  14. Number one was shit.
  15. What was it?
  16. trolled me good into thinking it was gangnam, not really a surprise that it was thrift shop
  17. I reckon gangnam's better.
  18. The hottest 100 has been mangy dogs balls for over a decade.
  19. Love how they started playing Gangnam, but yeah Thrift Shop is fairly popular.
  20. May as well be the triple M 100