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Triple 8 switches camp.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. In a move that will bring tears to the eyes of every Ford tragic, Triple 8 Racing will shortly announce that it is taking the team, lock stock, and drivers, to Holden next year.


    On a clear day you can hear the Ford fans gnashing their teeth.... :LOL: :LOL:
  2. wow thats a big kick in the guts for ford fans, but in the end, they saw Holdens produce better cars so the switch is no big news :LOL:

    now ford lovers know how we felt when he went to ford :p :p
  3. They V8s are as much Holdens and Fords as are the Camrys in the Sprint and Nationwide Cups in the US - in badge only.
  4. On the radio this arvo, it was stated that Triple 8 made the switch because Ford had withdrawn factory support.

    Either way, I'm happy that Craig's come back to Holden. It means I feel more comfortable supporting him again. He's a great driver and seems one of the more easy going personalities amongst the drivers. (Much less stiff than Skaife always seemed).

    Even if the only thing from the originating cars are just the shells and the badge, well, at least it's the right badge now.
  5. +1 about Craig being more personable. Nothing showed that more than his speech after the Bathurst win in 2006 and the way he spoke about Brocky.
  6. let's see them win Bathurst three times in a row in a Holden :roll:
  7. V8 racing was much better back in the days of Group A.

    It wasn't all v8's, there was a good mixture of brands, Cosworths, Jags, Commodores e.t.c.

    Was much more fun to watch the racing, especially bathurst, back in those days....

    Even back in Hornet's era , they were racing Mini's....
  8. ....AND Vauxhall Vivas, 1st place to 6th place in Class A in 1964 :shock:.
  9. Damn Paul , thought it might have taken you a bit longer to post, or do you have the power that tells you when your name is mentioned :LOL:
  10. read my sig file :rofl:
  11. I think the only reason Triple 8 went to Holden was simply because Ford fired them for economical reasons and Triple 8 still wanted to race, they would have signed up to drive Hyundai's if it kept them going.
  12. They might aswell make it an All Holden series now......... team vodafone was the only decent ford team, and they had no Ford sponsorship.

    Yeah McBigg ford pulled their sponsorship some time ago, hence the Hogs Breath badges on the car and lack of any ford decals.

    Triple8 seems to be a good outfit, and no-doubt they can transfer their race winning operation over to a Commodore.

    A sad day for Ford Fans
  13. Will be interesting to see if the Holden bodykit makes any difference. :roll:

  14. The only real explanation for this is that he is somehow wired into the forums via a Matrix style head plug. But I digress. Things would be much more interesting if there were more that two basic camps. Unfortunately I've never known it to be any different... Too young, you see...
  15. They could be racing Taxi's, couldn't they.
  16. I thought they were?

  17. Its not even that much according to my mate's friend who worked in the pit crew for a V8 Supercar team for 7 years (he got out 5 years ago). He said that the shells are custom-made to look like the originals but aren't. That surprised me because you'd swear from the looks of them that the panels/shell are taken from the original.
  18. actually, we just had an email from Marin Burela (Ford Australia boss man) to explain that the funding was withdrawn because they consistently refused to paint the cars blue as they were contracted to do
  19. So this is over PAINT?