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Trip to Europe

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Zulu, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Has anyone shipped their bike to Europe? Say Norway? Or is it just cheaper to buy the bike there and sell on the way back? I've got this crazy idea: Start in the north (Norway) and finish in Spain. Do Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France along the way. Has anyone ever done anything like that?

  2. can't remember where, but there was an article about it somewhere ( how unhelpful is this!! :LOL: )

    That guy had used a Chinese ship, cost him nothing and when he arrived there, the bike was ready to go...

    There are other more important things to consider besides freight (you'll have to drain the bike first and refill with oil there)

    Road Service

    If this is your bike, the one you ride here and know, it's the best option for you to take it with you. Because if you buy it new, you'll need to run in the engine first (second hand could be a disaster) + when the time will come to sell, you might be running out of time...

    If you have someone you know there, maybe he can arrange things for you, especially selling the bike

    Maybe see the "Long Way Round" dvd, some good tips in there + what could go wrong...
  3. Check out Horizons Unlimited web site.
    You should be able to find answers to all your questions there.
  4. oh. These guys are great. Thank you. I was already put off by a few sites with prices of shipment going above $3k. But as it trunrs out, it's not the case. And there are tonnes of companies who can do it for less and even crate the bike. Perfect. My plan is to get a Blade. Reasonably fresh (2006ish). New tires, service and so on. Ship the bike (with the riding gear) to the north of Europe, pack lite (possibly only a small backpack), fly there, unpack the bike and then go wherever wind blows. Roads in those parts are very good (thanks to EU funding) and speed limits are reasonably high (Germany!!!) so I don't need to travel long between towns and I don't need a fully laden tourer. 2 - 3 hour dash on a Blade should be a breeze. Socks, undergarments, t-shirts etc can be purchased locally on a need-to basis. No need for tents or camping gear - it's not Africa. Hotels are plenty. The whole thing should be reasonably inexpensive and a total blast.