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Trip Report Eildon - Jamieson 27-11

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Garido, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Had a great trip from the City through the northern suburbs, Kinglake, Yea, Eildon, Jamieson, Mansfield, Yea, Yarra Glen with ResmeN. Thanks mate!

    First encountered some drizzle up at Kinglake, which cleared quickly and then we had an absolute blinder of a day. Blue sky, dry roads, no coppers (luckily). :)

    Odd spot on the way back, when I encountered a bit of a flooded road on the Melba Highway coming out of Yarra Glen. At one stage the water was up to the foot pegs.
  2. How was the Eildon Jamison rd, last time I was through there was a lot of loose gravel on bends?
  3. I was there during the week, couple niys of gravel but other than that it was pretty good and very little leaf litter.

    I went from Eildon to Jamieson

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  4. Thanks Garido, good company and nice roads.

    Chris this was my 2nd time riding it in the last week. Rode it last saturday when it rained a lot. Other than being wet there was no gravel on bends.

    On yesterdays ride there was leaf litter in the Eildon to Jamieson direction. The other way seemed cleaner. Like cougs we rode it in the Eildon to Jamieson direction though all the riders seemed coming the other way.
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  5. Mate, that was just because we were too quick and no-one was riding ahead of us for some reason. :angel: LOL

    Like ResmeN said, no gravel CJ, but a bit of leaf and small branch litter. Copped a few of the latter as I was the rearguard. :) Grip was great though anyway.
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  6. So, they've swept it? There was heaps of loose gravel there only weeks back. Great news if so! Can you pls confirm if it's been swept?

  7. Not sure if a machine has come and purposefully swept it, I think constant everyday traffic appears to have cleaned the road of any loose gravel. We hardly noticed any gravel except a few (3-4) corners with very light sprinkles.