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Trip planning - need advice

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by peter-reebok, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Planning on a road trip in mid feb.
    about 3500km's

    Before I go, I am planning stuff to take.
    Have a large ventura bag and rack (52l), and I have a GPS and have planned the fuel stops etc. It will be a solo ride.

    went around Oz in the 70's, with my jacket, and my passbook (no atm's then!) on a 400 dirt bike, with 6 mates. This time it is an 800 cruiser.

    What is peoples experience with a sealant like slime for tubeless tyres?
    Should it be put in before leaving, or is this a bad move.? Is it necessary.?
    what about taking a compressor?

    Throttle rockers? good/bad?

    Sealed roads only, about 900km's per day, up to coolangatta via princes hwy (from mlb) across to goondiwindi, and back down the new-england/newell/goulburn valley highways.

    Have allowed an extra day space, just in case Murphy is along for the ride.
  2. Peter, I don't have anything in my tubes apart from air, I do carry a can of that pressure puncture repair stuff and its sat in my pannier for 40,000klms. (31,00 last year)

    Mate, honestly I wouldn't bother with anything other than clothes, basic tools, credit card, phone etc. Its a relatively easy route and plenty of fuel stops and accom places.

    I would run the Newell in pref to the NE

    Just have fun.

    oops forgot your question on throttle rockers/locks. I use both but on 900k days you should be fine. Locks just give that right hand a break and I do use mine. But I also tend to pretend I am flying at times also :LOL:
  3. I have the slime, but I've got it for tubed tyres plus I ride a bit off road.

    Take a can of the tubeless tyre repair - Murphy's Law - don't have it and you'll more than likley need it, or maybe come across someone else who might need it

    You can buy the small $10 compressor from Big W and remove the plastic case and they become pretty small, but heat up quick when you use them. You will also need to either connect alligator clips to your battery, get a connector to run from your battery or go the ciggie lighter option.

    Enjoy the trip and take plenty of pics
  4. Thanks for hints - notes taken!
    Small compressor in bag, tubeless repair kit in bag, cable ties, allen keys, duct tape, spare headlight globe, spare fuses.
    Everything in plastic bags.

    Leave on Sunday 11th Feb - 7am - (if I wake up)

    From Mlb to Wollongong Sunday
    Wollongong to Ballina Monday
    Ballina to Dubbo via Goondiwindi Tuesday
    Dubbo - home Wednesday

    Pics and trip report on return, or in media reports if I get into any trouble. Wasn't me officer, I didn't start no fight. I finished it!
  5. Peter, if you need to stay overnight in Wollongong, you're welcome here.... {wish I was going with you, sniff..}
  6. ... and Peter if you need accom at Ballina, can't help you at all I don't live there :LOL:

    Have a safe trip, its a good loop.
  7. But then we would have to open the beer, and I can only fit 2 slabs in the ventura bag!.

    As school hols are over, am not expecting any probs getting accomodation. Although, it does make the daily km target more real... If you could PM me a ph number, it would be good to have a backup plan. I promise to only sell it for a fortune to womens weekly.

    At present I have allowed an additional day at the end in case the km's get too much for me LOL. I have some leg problems, and this will be a good test of what state they are in.
    Booked in for 2 knee replacements later this year, so existing ones don't last well in one position for extended periods of time.
  8. Don't forget your mobile phone charger! See if you can hook it up to your bike, pain in the arse having a flat battery!
  9. LOL

    Have ph charger, GPS charger, PDA charger, IPOD charger.
    If only I had a supercharger for the bike?
  10. Well, no, actually, only if you wanted to drink yourself, since I don't :LOL:!!!

    PMd you my mobile # and address anyway!
  11. Peter one more hint for traveling with gadgets, get some kind of zip bag you can keep them all in. I have two, one is for chargers, cables etc and I know where everything is. Store things in the same place every time.
  12. All the best Peter with the road trip...

    i would really really like to plan something like that... so please when you get back write about the adventures...

    cept i don't plan on using a 800 cruiser... i'm still LAM so i would have to do it in my postie LMAO.... :p :LOL:

    all the best and ride safe.
  13. Take an alternate source of money... some $ or a second card.

    There is nothing worse than being 2000kms from home and your eftpos/credit card stops gets lost or stops working.
  14. If you are in the racq, nrma or equivilent road side service make sure your bike is listed on your membership, i had a tyre explode outside tamworth on way home after 6000 km trip, phoned nrma they sent out a tilt tray and organised a motel for the night for me, will give
    recycle wreckers in Tamworth
    a plug for service above and beyond getting me back on the road.