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Trip from VIC-SA-WA-NT and home

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by plodbird, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Howdy all. :grin:
    Im heading off on my trusty Triumph Tiger from Melb' in late April 08. Planning on heading straight to Adelaide - Port Lincoln and then to Albany(WA) - to Perth for some skydiving an then the coast road to Broome. Going to visit Exmouth, Pilbra and anything else the bike will get me too. Then across to Halls Creek and down the Tanami track. Then to the Flinders Ranges and back on home. Planning for 8 weeks as gotta be back for the boss by then! :mad:

    Wondering if anyone has done a bike trip thru here and can offer any tips and also looking for great places to visit other than the obvious ones on the maps. Tell me if something is crap and not worth a visit also. Any roads that are definately not bike friendly? My bike is a dual purpose so can handle a bit of the ruff stuff. Doing it on my own so any advice would be great.

    Im taking a canvas sawg for the trip but it takes up a fair wack of space. Got my tent as well but want to be as prepared as I can incase things break. Plus a swag is just the best. Has anyone used anything thats about the size of a swag which they felt was great/comfortable/reliable?
    Thanks all
  2. This sounds like an adventure! Try the advrider.com "Oz" forums. You'll get more response there as those guys really do insane trips, even in Australia.

    Have fun and travel safe!
  3. I second the advice for advrider.com
  4. Thanks

    Thanks for the advice to check out ADVriders............. wicked stuff and found just what Im after
  5. Be warned tho, you'll "lose" several days to that website..lol.
  6. so damm true............. spent most of today on it already!!
  7. Plodbird.... interesting name.

    What does it represent/stand for? :? :shock:
  8. Its a cryptic name and those who know me can work it out.......... some blondes take a little longer :LOL:

    Has to do with work and my name.............
  9. :-k :idea: Female police officer?
    crow/wren/duck..aww..too bloody hard.

    A mate of hubie I guess? :p
  10. You are half right............. :wink:
  11. who wouldda thunk it :shock: :p

    Let me guess.... Officer turkey :rofl: :rofl: :p
  12. :rofl: ... uh huh :shock:
  13. Yeah yeah yeah........... you are all cunny funts :p
  14. Would just like to say, be careful in WA. It is VERY open out there in the north. That is if you havent left yet or you are still dropping off into net cafes to keep us posted/get your net fix :p

    I know it sounds dumb but so many people have been caught out, there are alot of private roads belonging to mine sites that u require a permit to travel on.

    Good luck on your travels and out in the middle of WA has some beautiful scenery, I hope you enjoy it.