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Trip from Sydney to Brisbane (and back) Aug 30th - Sept 10th

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by robthewasp, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Im starting to plan a trip from Sydney to Brisbane (Maybe a little further depending on time) in a couple of weeks and was hoping to get some tips on preparation as well as some ideas for where to stop off for both sightseeing and accomodation.

    A friend of mine goes to Byron through the national parks and mountains and he suggested I do the same, should take me a couple of days.

    I would like to stop off somewhere to do some fishing, preferably lake or river. I also want to make sure I see some points of interest along the way to take some photographs (Im a keen photographer) and also am planning to hit up Jupiters casino in Brisbane for some Texas Holdem. Other than that, hoping to hit the beach to relax for a few days in Byron maybe.

    Any info would be helpful, whether it be prep tips, places to see/go or just some info based on your experience. This is my first long trip and I ride a Hornet 600.
  2. You may be interested in picking up a copy of Peter Thoeming's excellent Australian Motorcycling Atlas (now at 4th Edition). Highlights a bunch of excellent motorcycling roads all over this great country, so you'd then be able to pick and choose roads here and there near your route. It sells for about $40.

    My main advice for you would be twofold:
    - make your bike comfy for long trips, being mindful of potential windchill (body and fingers; Hot Grips FTW), and have a few backup items available for common problems (eg. cheap tyre plug kit and air compressor so you don't get stuck on the side of some quiet road)
    - plan your route with the help of some kind of road atlas + recommendations from others who have actually ridden there, as opposed to just using Google Maps or similar. Trust me, it is truly worth making the extra effort (finding better routes, avoiding excessive dirt roads, good places to stay, eat, photograph, etc.).

    I've done a few interstate rides now and really enjoyed the ones where I did the above FAR more than the ones where I just jumped on teh bike and followed Google Maps or the GPS. I may well post more here for you but I'm sure there are others here with more experience and advice than I have!

    Good luck with your prep, pack light, and enjoy the ride! I love the open road :)
  3. Much appreciated, thanks
  4. I agree with getting a copy of the bears hema atlas
    a gps and a good look for fuel stations is a good idea before you leave.
    i have done a few trips and there is a HUGE list of things to see and do.
    I will actually be rideing through NSW about that time but it will be na express trip. you are welcome to tag along if you like.
    Plan is
    Sunday leave melbourne be in blackheath Pub by 6:30 staying at dads sunday night.
    Monday 31 through bathurst into QLD and staying the night at Miles.
    Tuesday 01 out for a short ride :grin: to Airlie Beach.

    Go over your bike before you leave check each nut bolt etc take a small tyre pressure guage (servos can be iffy) take some surgical gloves and use them under your riding gloves. if you get drowned you can use the wet pair a lot more comfotably all day. i would also look at a zip lock glad bag for your phone and wallet. I have destroyed a phone by drowning it in a waterproof pocket. The best piece of gear to take is ear plugs they dramatically reduce fatige and crashing takes the fun out of a ride
  5. Must sees include, Forster Tuncurry, Hallidays Point, Harrington, Camden Haven/Laurieton, South West Rocks and Yamba. Mostly good roads and when the weathers right these places are pure magic. Take ya time and really soak it in is my tip