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Trip from Melbourne to Albury - Anything Interesting?So next weekend I have to take a trip up to Alb

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TGM, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. So next weekend I have to take a trip up to Albury from Melbourne. Unfortunately I have to cage it - too much crap to bring with me.

    I'd rather not just sit on the Hume the whole way, too boring.

    Does anyone know of any alternate routes or interesting diversions?

    I don't mind if the trip time balloons out. I'd rather spend a bit more time and see some things that I don't get to normally see instead of sitting on the Hume.

    Any and all suggestions welcome, I'm making this trip a few times so something different every time wouldn't be bad.

    I've made a map of google's suggested fastest route, I'll add in diversions and alternate routes as suggested. It's open to editing, so feel free to add anything if you want.


    And while I'm here, I'll be in Albury for five weeks or so, are there any road laws that are different to VIC? One that comes to mind is no u-turns unless there's a sign saying you can.

  2. The U turns, and the turn left at some red lights. Albury has a number of each. How long a trip would you like to take? The google route you link to should take you no more than about 3 hours to 3 hours 15 mins if you dont take any breaks (or hit traffic getting out of the suburbs). Let me know how long you want to be travelling and I'll make a few suggestions..

    BTW, it might say Sydney, but up until 10 months ago I had lived in Albury for about 30 years :)
  3. Thanks mate.

    Oh you can turn left on a red if there's a sign? Awesome!

    I don't mind spending up to eight hours on the trip, including stops though. I'd be happy to consider any suggestion, I have to make the trip a few times so anything I miss the first time I can get to the next time around.

    EDIT: BTW, anything I should know about Albury?
  4. Nothing in particular you probably need to know, unless you had something in mind.

    From Vermont, make sure you take the hills to Seymour instead of going directly to the Hume FWY. Good detour for a change, may even be quicker depending on the time of day too. I would suggest dropping in via Bright/Myrtleford/Beechworth or different combinations of those. Nice drives, not too bad roads and changes it up.

    If you're into your wines a detour via Rutherglen would be in order, got a several decent ones that are worth a visit.

    If you go via the Hume for the first leg to Seymour, dropping into Broadford raceway could be a go. - This is the only link I could find with race dates: http://www.mqld.org.au/index.php?id=1378
  5. Thanks for the advice. Checking out a race at Broadford is a brilliant idea, I might have to plan a trip home around that.

    Edited the route:


    I might also stop by all the small towns, grab a bite to eat, etc.

    Not into wine but I am into beer, I might have to check out some breweries if they exist.
  6. Beechworth bakery of course is very popular (and actually good). the little known Yackandandah bakery is just as good, and quite often nowhere near as crowded.
  7. Definintly stopping by beechworth. It has a bakery, ice creamery, and a brewery.
  8. Rather than going across from Mansfield to the Hume at Benalla, head up through Whitfied>Milawa>Beechworth for a beaut stretch of roads.
  9. Thanks for the tip, will head through there.


    Current route, will take under 6 hours not including stopping. If it's taking to long I'll just jump on the hume, but should be ok. I'll head through Yackandandah and Jamison brewery on another trip.

    EDIT: This is all making me wish I had a better handling car than a commodore, or that I didn't need to take crap and could do it on the bike.