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Trip away again wanting some advise

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by scottjosnic, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Hello All

    We are planning another bike trip this year and would like some input into roads in areas where I am not familiar with.

    Now that I have started this thread I think I should give a little before receiving any feedback. I will give a short report on our first trip last year.

    Last year a close friend and myself decided to take a full week off work and have a bike trip broken up with a two day stay in a self-contained flat at Noosa. Our plan was to and Zig all the way up the Great Divide camping all the way to Noosa and stay there two nights then Zag all the way back to Sydney for a total of nine days.

    We departed Sydney the Saturday of November 14th 2015 and headed up to Wollombi. The weather not doing us any favours as it was drizzly enough to be a pain. Our first destination was Port Macquarie via Wollombi, Cessnock, Dungog, and Wootton Way back to Great lakes way turn off to foster and tried to follow coast all the way to Port. Unfortunately Huey the weather god did not favour us and decided to unleash hell on us on the Great Lakes Way towards Forster. In my limited time on a bike I have never ridden in rain of such ferocity, too wet to stop we forged on to Port and decided not to camp DOH and got a cabin


    Next day we did the Oxley however the conditions were very wet and slippery. Still a bad day on a bike is better than a good day at work so we forged on to our destination of Tenterfield where we got a cabin again as the weather was S h I t . Our planned route and destination changed continuously throughout the day as we were dodging the massive rain squalls that seemed to be following us in all directions.

    Before leaving Tenterfield we re-evaluated our route again because of the rain and ended up at the caravan park at Queen Mary Falls. We got our one and only camp night of the trip and were rewarded with a fabulous night. This park is well worth a visit and the road in and out of the park Spring Creek Road was a blast


    Onto Noosa the next day in good weather finally for a well-earned break.

    Left Noosa early on the November 19th 2015 and headed through the hinterland back to Brisbane. It started off as a warm day but little did we know from the cold wet trip up to Noosa was nothing we were to experience on our return trip of very high temperatures.


    We slabbed it down through Brisbane on the M1 with the temperature reading on my bike reaching 42. With the ride into Port being scary cause of the rain this was one of the hardest scariest rides I have ever done. High traffic 110 kms speed and the temperature of 42c was completely unbearable.

    We survived and made it to Murwillumbah and got a cabin at the Caravan Park

    Next day in another day of extreme heat we rode to Dorrigo. Apart from the heat the ridding was fantastic, however getting close to Dorrigo the road was that hot the tar looked like it was bubbling and giving way under the bike. Both of us were extremely cautious and were relieved when we got to Dorrigo for a well earned beer in the Pub and watched our bike slowly settle into the tar.

    IMG_5320.JPG IMG_5318.JPG

    Next day rode to Gloucester and the temperature dropped dramatically coming down the Gloucester Mountain. Nice stay at the roundabout pub and a great meal.

    The following day drizzly again and rode back home

    This year’s trip we intend to either zig zag up the great divide to Grafton so we get a few twisties under our belt before we head west to Broken Hill or head to the Warrumbungle’s then west to Broken Hill depending on time.

    From Broken hill to Melbourne.

    This is where I would like some input please

    • From broken Hill which is the best route to Adelaide?

    • Do we stay in Adelaide or skirt around it and stay around lake Alexandrina?

    • From Adelaide or surrounds depending on input from best way to the Great ocean road?

    • Do we By Pass Adelaide head to Mildura, Renmark and down to Warrnambool?

    • Are the inland roads around the GOR worth spending extra time to do?
    From the end of the GOR we intend to ride towards the VIC alpine and NSW Alpine Areas. I am quite familiar with these roads. However would like some feedback on the following

    • From the end of the GOR best way to get to the VIC Alpine area?

    • Do we go through Melbourne?

    • Do we catch the ferry across Port Phillip Bay at Queenscliff?

    • From Sorrento best route to the VIC Alpine area and likewise if we go through Melbourne takin into account the black spur Jamieson etc.?
    We are in no rush and have touring bikes, so roads suggested would need to cater for our bikes. Small sections of dirt like on the Bonang are of no consequence and do add to the experience but any long sections of dirt would be a problem.

    I truly look forward to your comments

    Regards Scott
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  2. G'day ScottScott, that's a wildly varied journey to Noosa and return you took last year. The camp site at Queen Mary Falls looks beautiful. A few hours riding in 38-42°C temperatures would be very draining. How do you like your VFR1200F? I came very close to buying one earlier this year and would consider it in the future. I can't provide input regarding the routes between Broken Hill and Adelaide or Melbourne but I can recommend including the Warrumbungle Ranges if it suits your plans.
  3. Hi XJ6N Yes was a varied trip both in roads, road conditions and weather. Still had a wonderful time and hence why we are going again hopefully weather is a bit better.

    Come from a Triumph Sprint 1050 which I loved but wanted top get away from a chain bike and Triumph did not have an option and had to reluctantly go to the Honda after much deliberation. WOW I really love the VFR 1200, really good value for money compared to the BMW etc. It run flawlessly 24000km in two years.
  4. I really like the look of them. I know it is subjective, and the pre-2012 models don't seem to have great fuel range, but it was number one on my list. Thanks for posting the photos and account of last year's tour; I look forward to perhaps seeing more when you return from this one.
  5. Mine is 2014 model with Traction Control and 19.5 litre tank only .5 litres bigger then pre 2012. I generally fill up when my fuel gauge gets close to the fuel flashing light indicator which is approximate 14 litres. I approximately get about 250 kms at this mark around 18 km per litre with bike fully loaded. I have got 350 kms with about a litre left in the tank so not really a major problem for me as I like to stop and have a break so may as well be a fuel station and fill the bike as well

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