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Trimuph Speed Tripple anything to look out for ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by leechy, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I am considering buying a 2008 Triumph Speed Tripple and although it has done very few km's and I couldnt see any problems is there anything i need to look out for and or is there anything that down the track i should also expect or keep an eye on ?

    From the test ride i must say great bike really stable and the braking power :twisted:

    Appreciate any feedback from any owners even from previous owners as any informations is useful
  2. Mmm, I don't know of any specific bugs/flaws with the 2008 Speed Triple 1050; several years ago the brakes used to become a bit spongey over time, and one year model in particular had a badly tuned ECU, but those times are long gone.
  3. the torque catching you un-aware :LOL:

    absolutely ferrocious with a full system and ecu tune :LOL:
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I know this may seem a little strange as my partner and I have only been off our p's for a little over 7 months but after test riding it, it actually felt safer than many of the other bikes that I test rode eg 600RR, CB600F Hornet, ER-6F, Ninja 650, CB1000F, GSX650 etc

    Spots I had a good look over the brakes and I must say they look and felt great, with brembo's up front and braided lines there wasn't any sign of fade not that I was pushing it very hard and the rears were well balanced.

    tunelliner I will semi agree in that it is quite a torquie bike but I found that with a little control with the right wrist it was very manageable for when you wanted to putt around and when you wanted to open it up it wasn't an automatic wheel stand like the 600RR which is what I was trying to avoid. Oh just noticed all your smiley faces i am guessing implying yes that are worth looking out for but also very enjoyable features :grin:

    I guess my biggest reason for liking it is the braking, handling, looks, power and resale value (providing we don't put it down :)) it all adds up to be a good bike and one that I wouldn't need to upgrade from in 1 year or two which I was thinking would probably occur with most of the 600's listed above

    Thanks for the feedback again guys any others with info I would certainly appreciate it
  5. The ecu problem was sorted in 2007 (i think) when they upgraded from a 16 bit to a 32 bit ecu.

    The brake problem was kinda sorted in 2007 when they upgraded the Nissin calipers to Nissin radial calipers. I believe the brake problem was totally sorted in 2008 when they replaced Nissin with Brembo calipers.
  6. That's my understanding too, ewq.
  7. Basically the later you go with triumphs the less likely they are to have troubles.

    ask the seller if the bike has had any electric problems. You are not likely to get a straight answer if they did, but it's worth asking.

    Niggling electric problems on some bikes seems to be the biggest complaint. Many bikes don't get them, but a few do.
  8. thanks for the replies all. Ended up buying it and am over the moon, what a great bike. It's a matt black which i will have to make sure i look after :) stock except for factory aftermarket arrow canons and rear hugger. Such a great looking nakes bike with the power to back it up.

    also as mentioned the brembos on these things are unreal, not looking forward to the replacement cost but hey it's part of the package i guess :)
  9. all the other volvo drivers riding one
  10. lol volvo :) i am a subaru forester driver they are heaps better :p
  11. Just make sure your trimuph hasn't got too many ps.