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trike conversion

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by motog, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. I have a 95 Guzzi Cali that I want to convert to a trike as I want to take my 10 year twins riding with me. Yeah I know a sidecar would be easier but trikes are cooler. Does any one know of any company/ person that can do / help me with the conversion.

  2. Kerry Walton (president of the National Three Wheelers Association) would be the person to ask.

    I'll send you a PM with his email address.

    He's the one in the picture (taken Sunday)

  3. Saw a couple of bikes on the RFTH ride that had some sort of "add-on" extra wheels, for want of a better term. Training wheels?
    The bikes still had their rear wheel, plus the two on either side. Not sure you can call them trikes, as they had four wheels, but they looked a far cheaper option and may just come off to return the bike back to its two-wheel state.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    On second thought, maybe disregard this idea, as you mentioned you wanted to take two pillions which this conversion doesn't look like it allows.
  4. that sounds like my bike, and yes it doesn't carry anymore people, it was built for a my partner who is in a wheel chair :)
  5. Those four-wheeled 'trikes' look like a great idea , in terms of getting around the messy expensive deal of a full conversion. Surely it would be possible to design them to take a bench seat? (I have no idea of the legal issues involved in that...)

    You've posted for opinions / advice, so you owe it to us to stick around and fill us in on how it all works out! :)

    In terms of other functions, imagine being able to add that set-up to your ride for winter: ride with confidence into any road any Sunday no matter how twisty it is in combination with how badly storming and wet / greasy the road is, then go back to two wheels for summer... No good for sports riders, but for the cruisers and tourers among us - well for me - it would be great! I was rather uncomfortable in some tight stretches last Sunday on a slippery rainforest road with tailgaiting 4x4s behind me.
  6. Back when i was with the WA Dept of Transport we looked at the "training wheels" idea. A bloke wanted to sell a US made kit for them (dunno if they all come from the same source).

    After much discussion, it was eventually decided to treat them in the same way as a sidecar (remember, this was WA only so other states may vary). That is, as a bolt-on to an existing bike, requiring only a fairly cursory inspection for roadworthiness and a change to the CTP insurance category. Adding extra seating capacity over that of the original bike would be a bit more involved, requiring the sign-off of an engineer at the very least.

    Also, having been with the Department, I've seen a lot of trikes close up. Most have been (IMHO) criminally badly engineered. The few that haven't were pig ugly. All had cost an absolutely grotesque amount of money for what they offered. That applies to both professionally and amateur built machines.

    I would be surprised if a proprietary kit does not exist in the US for triking a Cali. Given the general failness of the Australian trike industry, I would suggest that hunting one down and swallowing the likely shipping costs would be your best bet. The Goldwing based ones that I've seen have been some of the better examples of 3 wheel engineering.
  7. I'd love to see a pic if possible stewy. I've noticed a bike riding pass around Boronia a few times which seems to be a single seater, where it looks like there's an on ramp for a wheel-chair bound rider. I've been going the opposite direction to this "trike", so haven't had a proper look, but would love to see their set-up.
  8. Trikes

    Just my $0.02 worth
    I sorta followed both the 4 wheeled contraptions on Sunday , the 250 Virago was getting thrown around like an empty 6X4 trailer along Donnybrook road and looked a real handful negotiating the freeway turn off ramps . All at 80KPH or less mind you.

    A better option was a nicely engineered 1100 Virago trike in the front few bikes from Whittlesea You Cissys club but on closer inspection had daylight showin thro the swing arm bearing ( shudder).

    An aquaintence built a trike based on the Bon trike dimensions , only to have it knocked back by the engineer who said it didnt conform to the regs dimensionally, it seems like if you are a compay then you can do what ever as an individual you cant do bugger all no matter how well its engineered.

    As a 3 wheel rider from the past "Go the chair its so much easier and less frustrating"

    Stewy can maybe attest to the struggles with re engineering a bike with stabelisers.
  9. like this?


  10. Re: Trikes

    yes it's a nightmare if it's a custom build :mad:
  11. Thaks for all the replies guys, I had looked at the Eagle trike conversion from America (its the bolt on training wheels ) but was concerned about how it handled as there is no diff. It would be like having a sidecar on each side??????. I am fortunate in that I also own a Norge so I don't have to worry about converting back to solo for rides without the family. Must admit though that the double sidecar option is certainatly ooking the simpler choice, but I will still keep looking at the trike option.
  12. Errrm......if the wheels are not driven and are not rotationally connected, you don't need a diff.

    Besides, diffs are overrated, as any surviving Frazer-Nash owner will tell you :grin: .

    Seriously, though, the trainer wheels will result in vehicle geometry where on most corners, at least one tyre will need to scrub sideways. It's perfectly workable though. Sidecarrists have lived quite happily with such geometry for over 100 years now. It's actually quite fun as drifts become a perfectly natural (and entirely safe) way to corner.
  13. :oops: Aren't I a dill? :oops:
    Cheers for the PM stewy and sorry for not coming across the recent threads and pics before. I remember reading the original thread.

    On those pics that I posted, the closest thing that I could find to it was "Ghost Wheels" but it costs a fair whack though. http://www.trikealternative.com/ And again, not built to accomodate two pillions.
  14. Trikes:
    Cleverly combining all the disadvantages and almost none of the advantages of cars and bikes. At great expense.