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Trike & Chair Questions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RobE, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. In the Review section the thread "I want this, a lot" was about a trike for sale.

    I asked these questions but received no answers; probably because that thread was coming to the end of its life.

    I really would like to learn more about trikes and side cars.


    I was just looking at a bike with a sidecar in the car park near my work and it got me started on thinking about three wheel options.

    I guess sidecars were invented as a cheaper way of moving people around than a car. Trikes were probably invented for the same reason that dogs lick themselves - 'cos they can.

    I do have some serious questions 'cos I have never ridden either a trike or a bike with a chair so please be tolerant.

    I would like to hear from people who actualy do own these machines why they chose a three-wheeler rather than a car?

    So what is it really like to ride these things?

    Do you have to turn the bars hard to steer them around corners? Is there any leaning at all?

    How different is the braking?

    What else?
  2. i was in brisbane last weekend for a friends wedding and i saw something i thought was amazing.

    a guy had a bike that looked like a trike which was called a chariot ?
    turns out he was in a wheelchair and this thing was built onto his bike with handlebar extensions and so on.
    the back opened up and his chair rolled in... didnt get to see it up close though.

    i was shocked but it put a smile on my face to see no matte how hard life can get he still found a way to contiune with his passion.
  3. Many thanks Pat.

    The story of your cross-country ride was a brilliant read. An excellent mix of technical details, human anecdotes and travelogue

    Now, are there any trike riders with a story to tell?
  4. I thought this post had to do with Trikes and 'chair' as in wheelchair people.
    There's a fella going around on a white trike and he wheels up his wheelchair on the back (its got ramps) and then hops off on to the seat. Fully customised, good on him, not letting life stopping him from doing things :)
  5. In Bega there's a son of a friend who wheels his wheelchair into a trike and gets around, and where I work we have an operator in a wheelchair with the same setup.

    Rather than keeping a bike riding dream going, it's more to do with cheap and easy transport.
  6. Saw this driving around when I was in Tweed Heads the other week......