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Triggering Traffic lights - Right-hand turn

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lugo, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Wondering how many of you guys have issues with triggering the turn signals with your bike? There's a few around my area that simply do not trigger from the weight of the bike, drives me nuts.

    I've sat at intersections completely on my own in the dark of the night and waited through 3 cycles in the recent past before deciding which law to break, pulling out of the right hand turn lane, or running the red light.

    I've had to make such decisions on numerous occasions and sooner or later I'll get pinged for it, but I don't see what else I can do, sometimes it could potentially be hours before a car will rock up behind to trigger the turn signal.

    What are peoples thoughts? Is there a trick to making the signals register your existence? Or should we just behave like the rebels to society the rest of the community think we are, and ignore the lights?
  2. Re: Traffic lights - Right-hand turn

    What about pressing the pedestrian crossing light?
  3. Re: Traffic lights - Right-hand turn

    You've got to really position yourself nice & square on the pressure pad (or on the left side of it???). Sometimes reving your engine on it triggers some electromagnetising B/S?!?

    Other than that just go through if you're sure there's no traffic or red light camera's.
  4. Report the intersection to Vicroads 131170 - the piezo strips/induction loops need to be recalibrated for bikes.

    Some people have a rare earth magnet taped to the lower fairing or to their boot in some cases - this will trigger the induction loops.
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  5. Pedestrian crossing light causes the lights to all go red, but doesn't trigger a green arrow when the lights go green again :( Also too much effort to do that on the way home from work every night.

    I'll try revving the engine, see if it does anything next time I get to that intersection.

    That phone number is exactly what I've been looking for! I kind've think they'll disregard the issue, but I'll report it anyway.
  6. I like this - do you happen to know where I might get one?
  7. Thumb the starter for a moment when sitting over the loop, or put down your sidestand. I find it helps, but I can't prove it's actually doing anything.
  8. I'm with Rob - report the intersection but for an immediate solution, the only thing you can do except for waiting for a car to come is break the law.
  9. None of the usual tips and tricks work for me, and my bike dies if I jump off (so have taken my hand off the throttle) AND chucks a hissy starting again. I wait patiently and eventually get my rebel on.
  10. ...I just put my sidestand down, works every time
  11. Grue is onto it. Traffic Lights are triggered by an Electro Magnetic Loop that your vehicle metal provides. At each set of lights you'll see lines cut into the bitumen, try stopping right on top of that, if your bike is too high you can lean it slightly towards the ground, or as Grue said, just flick your sidestand down above that line. Please let us know how that goes.
  12. if there's no camera, I don't hesitate to go through if it's clear and empty. Not my fault my fees and taxes aren't working for me.
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  13. ^ Good as any plan B Gord.
  14. I'm going to report the intersection that I have regular issue with (by regular I mean you'll be there all night every time if there's no cars around), but I'll give the sidestand trick a go in the meantime. It'll be funny the day I forget to put it in neutral first though, my bike doesn't do in gear and side stand down simultaneously!
  15. I've noticed that some of the newer intersections in Brisbane (including one nearest my house) don't have lines cut in the asphalt any more, though they still use the magnetic induction technology. In these cases you have no idea where to aim to get the best reception.
  16. I just spoke to VicRoads, the first response I got from the girl I spoke to initially was priceless. I explained the issue with the right-hand turn signal at x intersection, and was told "The sensors aren't designed to pickup motorcycles". I replied with "how are we expected to get though the intersection then without running the red light?" and got "Umm.. I'll put you through to traffic management"... Thankfully the bloke I spoke to next was very helpful, took down my details in case they want further info, or to confirm proper functionality once they have the sensitivity increased within 48 hours.

    See how we go :)
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  17. if it isn't a red light camera, and i've waited long enough and there is nobody on the road, i just run it.

    but the chick you just spoke to haha, priceless..
  18. you can legally go through after i 'think' 2 full cycles.
  19. i just bounce up and down on my seat.. works every time
  20. I treat it as an uncontrolled intersection after the first run through or a couple of minutes on red.