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Triggering green traffic lights.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Clayt0nB, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. #1 Clayt0nB, Dec 24, 2011
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    I don't know but this does make sense, I guess on some bikes/scooters it could be a problem.

    Either way, If you have the sort of lights that are triggered by magnet (Most trigger lights are that kind I believe) around you and you think your bike may not be triggering them well, give this a go.

  2. I don't know if a magnet would help increase detection with a system based on induction or not, although I'm absolutely sure there are experts here that do. :)

    My understanding of it is that it's the mass that counts. But what I can tell you is just because the sensor trips, in no way means the light is just going to suddenly turn green. It's going to turn green in the sequence it's programmed to turn green and you can't change that. Well, unless you believe the movies where any kid in his bedroom can hack in to the system and have fun.

    That video is totally bogus and misleading. You might as well send your bank details to the next person who sends you an email about wanting to send you a million dollars. Heck, skip that and send them to me instead.

    BTW, in the ACT if a traffic light isn't sensing a bike consistently all you have to do is report it and they adjust the sensitivity of the loop. Several riders on local forums have reported this has worked for them.
  3. The newer ones work better than the older ones .... I find often putting the side stand down right on the edge of the loop 'kickstarts' the older ones.
  4. Attracting nails etc to the bottom of your bike, how has nobody thought of that before
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  5. Well that's actually quite useful information, thanks. And No, No one believes those movies, Though tripping the sensor is necessary for the light to eventually change. If you were completely un-noticed, it wouldn't change at all.
  6. I am too lazy ATM but could anyone total the number of times this topic has been done to death.

    And which glove do you put on first?

    Jus sayin........
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  7. I just nod at the lights and they change.
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  8. I like lamp.
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  9. Hmm, on a serious note: I was told on the Pre-learners course to lower the Stand of bike onto any of the Lines/cracks for the sensors, if you notice the Lights not changing after a minute with no cars coing the other way...

    Is this really a common problem?

    I'd never really thought about it before, but since it got mentioned in the Course, I have been curious, for sure. I rode a Pedal-powered Pushy for a long while, and can get the lights to trigger on that; if it IS an Induction Loop, and it triggers for that, I can't see a Motorbike having issues?

    I also only put on left Glove first... though I don't know why?
  10. The best thing to do is get off and take a wizz on the conducters. It changes the lights straight away.
  11. this is good advice. nodding fixes everything.

    i just wait what i consider to be a reasonable period of time, then go anyway.

    talk to vic tards. they don't calibrate the loop to detect motorbikes/scooters. only small cars.
    because they are basterds and they hate us.
  12. It's worse when you are waiting behind a blonde, and they are waiting for the lights to change, to a colour that they like....
  13. ^^^^....see, why don't they have a nice pink light ???.....[-(
  14. When I was a kid I was in the car with my dad and the lights wouldn't change so he jumped out and pressed the pedestrian crossing button on the road we wanted to turn onto and ran back to the car. It did the trick.

    I've had to run about 10 reds over the years late at night due to the stupid things not sensing me.

    Usually I just wait for a car to come up behind me then move forward and signal to the car behind to move up.
  15. You can push any pedestrian button. Usualy it needs to run through the whole cycle of lights if it detects anyone waiting anywhere. If I can reach the button to cross in front of me I press it, and this works wonders.
  16. Corner of Chandos and Willoughby Roads in Crowsnest, NSW has pressue plates that didn't register my bike. I was waiting 5-10mins before I just ran the red.
  17. So I guess some people do have a few problems with it.

    Maybe a neodymium magnet could do the trick then?
  18. They work by an inductive loop in the road excited at a frequency of around 100 - 200kHz. A metallic object entering their field will change the inductance of that coil and alter the tuned frequency and thus be detected if they are set correctly. A magnet will assist because it also can alter the inductance of the coil but as others have suggested attracts metallic rubbish from the road.. Placement on the road when you stop will assist. i.e.


    If they don't work then report them to your Road Authority and they will adjust the trigger point to be more sensitive. There will be a grey box standing about a meter or so high somewhere on the intersection that will have an identity number to quote and a contact number.
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  19. how do i adjust the trigger point in the grey box myself ?
    would rather save them the trouble of coming out.

    .... a perfectly innocent inquiry :angel:
  20. Chuck Norris doesn't stop at traffic lights, traffic lights stop at Chuck Norris