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VIC Triggered Red Light Camera in different lane

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ampto, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Had an interesting experience ride back home through Melbourne and want to know if anyone has had a similar drama. Seems everytime i'm in Melbourne i find another reason to hate it haha.

    Was turning onto St Kilda Rd city bound from Toorak Rd on the far lane, being unfamiliar with this road i noticed that i was in the wrong lane to turn left onto Kings Way, i indicated and tried to merge into a gap, but the car either failed to see me indicating or just refused to let me in, at this point in time i was traveling trough the intersection partly in the straight lane still trying to merge into the turning lane. I triggered the camera and got 2 flashes (as the straight lanes had a red light).

    With the timing of the flashes the first photo would show me crossing the line and the second clearly showing me turning left partly merged into the gap finally. Here is the section of road i'm talking about...


    Do you think i will get a fine? and if i do will i have grounds for appeal? I know what i did probably breaks some sort of law (failure to turn from correct lane?) but certainly not $300 3 demerit point :S

    Guess its just a waiting game now *sigh*
  2. In this cash strapped camera orientated state a slip like that is too good to miss copping a fine. Start saving.
  3. Did they get your numberplate?
  4. Could play my game, ring up Vicroads and report the camera faulty, state it went off as you turned left with the flow of traffic on a green arrow, appears to have been triggered by you taking the turn wide for good visibility. Might work ;)
  5. So you were trying to cut the car off while changing lanes in the middle of an intersection? :-s
  6. No, i gave sufficient time to warn other road users i wanted to change lanes and i was quite obviously going much slowing then the flowing traffic to try and turn into the lane before the set of lights, but to Melbourne road users i can see how this could be considered being "cut off".

    See the problem is with how intersection is signed, it was around 8 o'clock and very busy, this sign before on toorak road looked like i should be in the turning lane


    Only to see this in the at St Kilda Rd


    But anyway, enough of me sobbing about the road system, guess i'll just have to wait and see if i get the fine and go from there.
  7. No offence... but that's because that's what it is. Having an indicator on doesn't give you right of way.

    But anyways... Hopefully the camera had bird shit on it and that you don't get a ticket.

  8. Yeah fair enough i guess, i'm from the country so i'm used to forgiving and polite people that would let you in haha
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  9. Don't you know that everyone in Melbourne has really important stuff to do? They don't have time to be forgiving. There is important stuff to do. You know, it's important. Don't get in their way because their stuff is more important. Ya know? ;)

    I had someone deliberately bump their car into the back of my bike once. She told me it was because I was in her way... at a red light. Go figure. haha!

  10. This happened to me in Sydney, shooting along <speed limit along dobroyd parade (city west link sydney) lanes go straight and right (right had a red light arrow) I went straight -through the right turning lane (to scoot past a slow mover on their mobile), cameras flashed and nothing ever came in the post. What I did wasn't illegal as it is illegal if you turn on a red arrow and continue to proceed through the turn. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I got caught in an intersection behind a newly arrived Australian talking on his mobile in his 3 series BMW while he performed an illegal right hand turn.
    Got flashed by the camera as I moved out of the way for traffic now coming through on my RHS. Fine arrived a few weeks later. Couldn't go to court as I was leaving the country, couldn't explain the details in letter. had to appear in court or pay it.
    Welcome to Communist Victoria...
  12. Would you have still done it if the slow moving car was a marked Police car?
  13. I wouldn't have let you in. Rightly or wrongly, I live in/near the city and dealing with people in the wrong lane who try to cut across in middle of intersections ends up just wasting everyone's time, rather than going straight on and simply doing a lap. Cars with south aussie plates are the worst - every time I see one, guarantee they will do something stupid.

    If the camera picked up the plate fine, then expect a red light fine. Either way, you aren't suppose to change lanes in the middle of an intersection.

    If you get caught in the wrong lane, just go with it and do a lap or find somewhere to turn around legally. Tends to be a lot safer for everyone without inconveniencing anyone else.

    The mentality of "oops I am in the wrong lane, I'll just duck across" gets old very quickly when you get it 3-4 times a day. Some will disagree no doubt, and fair enough maybe. But in the city, if you break the traffic flow, it pisses some of us off :)
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  14. Yes adprom i see your side of it, maybe its because i have a bit more patience but if a person has indicated for a reasonable amount time i usually let them in, hoping that one day someone will return the favor.

    It was late, i wanted to get home after being away for many weeks working there, i thought i left plenty of room and time for the car to let me in, but as you say, they probably have had enough of people doing it every day, and i'll probably pay the price for it.
  15. Hey Ampto, did you end up getting this fine?

    Because I just done the exact same thing that you did...at the exact same intersection.

    I'm hoping I can appeal it for an official warning as I've never had any fines or infringements before.