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tried to sideswipe me then chews me out - have a question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by linerunner, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Two lane road, 60 zone. Im in the left lane, he's in the right lane ahead of me. He's driving an Outlander and going 50. So I go to pass him doing 60. Get about a meter away from him and he starts drifting into my lane. So I slow to 50 and hang back. The car jerks back towards the right lane and then he drives down the road over the lane markers for about 30-40 meters, by which time Ive got annoyed and moved into the right lane to overtake.

    As I overtake, I give him the ol' two fingers pointing at the eyes gesture which means "look", which he sees.

    Then at the lights, he starts chewing me out, saying "No need to give me the two fingers, I didnt see you, you were in my blindspot, I waved sorry blah blah blah", him getting angrier. I reply along the lines of "you didnt indicate, you nearly hit me, you didnt even look (I was guessing), dont get angry with me, you were in the wrong not me" etc. At first I was quite nice and polite about it. But it really started to piss me off that he's getting testy with me over HIS mistake, and the fact that his negligence could have killed me, and that he's angry that I tried to get him to aknowledge it. I mean, sorry doesnt help me if Im dead.

    So this is all pretty standard for most of us. Now, I try to maintain good public relations with the cagers, try to promote a good image for us. So my question is: what is the best thing to say that gets him to go home and think - that guy was right, I *am* a knob, and that *was* dangerous, I have to try better. Instead of: who does he think he is, f*cking biker, f*ck him and the horse he rode in on.

  2. Eh, don't gesture at people. They won't see it clearly and assume it's 'the finger'.

    I just overtake damn quick and let haste display my impatience and displeasure at their stupidity.
  3. Nice mirror, are they all broken like that?

    Incoming :LOL:
  4. The "look" thing is about all you can do.
    You did the right thing by hanging back.
    Regardless of his reaction, he would be thinking about it but will probably do it again too.

    There are plenty of "right" people in the cemetry.
    1800kg of 4 X 4 against a bike and it doesnt matter how right you are.

    Just something you have to watch out for every day.
  5. Oh yeah, and if I see someone wander in their lane I automatically assume drunk and get as far away from them as quickly as possible, and certainly wouldn't gesture or try to engage them in any way.

    That's just my procedure anyways...
  6. I would use the horn and toot toot toot him
  7. Happens all the time...people carve you up, tailgate, pull out in front of you etc...you point out that their lack of awareness/carelessness could have severely injured or killed you and the majority don't give a fcuk...it gets easier to spot these people with time and 9 times out of 10 you know they are off with the fairies and you allow for it.

    I find a small minority will actually apologise when in the wrong...hey everybody makes mistakes if you fcuk up a sorry wave should be the least you should do...those people get a nod to acknowledge their sorry wave and then it's all cool and hopefully next time they will do a headcheck etc...the ones who abuse or totally ignore you after trying to kill you get treated as they deserve :twisted:
  8. I haven't been riding for a long time, but I have plenty of years experience in the cage. I have always prided myself on being a good defensive driver and feel like I am a pretty good judge of what is going on around me. When I got my bike I actually found it much easier to see things coming than what I did in my car.

    What people say is right, if you are on the look out for it, you can pick em 9 times out of 10 (the tools who will try to cut you off). But I have found that I can see over the roofs of most cars due to sitting rather high on a bike and that helps heaps when watching traffic.

    I cruise around in peak hour traffic in Bris almost everyday and have few issues. People move over on me all the time, I usually just beep them, even though I have seen them coming, just to give them a scare. Most will put there hand up to appologise.

    Mind you I lost my first bike due to a a fool not paying attention and rear ending me so.... Filtering anyone? :)

    Pics here for those who care http://www.austraracing.com/shared/Righteous Stuff/Bike Accident/
  9. Last guy I gave the "eyes" gesture to was a rider who was sitting in stationary traffic yesterday so decided to lane-split.

    Silly bugger pulled right out without checking whether anyone else was already lane-splitting... :evil:
  10. i reckon all drivers should have to do the stay upright course

    maybe then they would stop being wankers on the road

    my pet hate is people that dont move with the traffic they take longer to take off ( making you have to pull up and stop )

    they move up to the lights like 2 car spaces after the red has been on for 2 minutes

    and just for more added piss you off they go like 40ks in a 60 zone when all you want to do is get in the right turn lane to catch the light b4 is goes red
  11. reach in, pull the keys out, and leave him there with no way to start his car.


    words will never do it cause these people are the way they are for a reason.
  12. Thats probably a good way to get Mr Plod knocking on your door. Funny though :grin:
  13. which hand would you be reaching in with? if it's the left, i'm sure the driver would have enough time to grab you or whatnot while you, rushing on adrenaline, fumble with neutral...
  14. Then makesure they see you drop the keys in the middle of the intersection as you ride off, They get to play chicken and get a taste of what its like to be so vunerable and not be seen :LOL: :LOL:

    Used to ride with a policeman down in Hastings quiet often, and this was a favorite pastime of his :twisted: But with a twist !

    He / we would stop just past the intersection and watch the antics of the driver retieving his/her key then wait for the car and irrate driver to pull up behind us to "have a real go" :twisted:
    But "name with held" by this time has removed his helmet as well as his badge, show's the driver the said badge then give's them a real talking to about head checks / indicating and the fines that go with them, and the consequents of not doing the checks and hitting a bike/car "that they didn't see"

    1st time I was with him and he did this I shite myself, but after a few other times I had to leave my helmet on to hide my laughter !

    Ps: off duty police can be extremly fun to ride with :wink:
  15. Having seen it done, the drivers always shite themselfs when they see that gloved fist coming through the window and try to jump into the pasenger seat, so the deed is done before they realise what's been done.

    { comes with that BAD biker image we all have } :LOL: :LOL:
  16. lmao.... a copper wiith imagination... lets hope it spreads...

  17. Sounds like something Dave (Baylink) would do...and being an ex cop :-k :p
  18. Reminds me of a mate who used to ride along beside you and turn your bike off without warning.
    Scared the shit out of me on more than a few occasions till I threatened to set his R1 on fire if he did it again.
  19. More and more I'm liking the GTFOOT approach: don't engage, just get the %&#@ out of there
  20. :LOL: