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Tried to run me off the road :(

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by es, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. on my way to work today, I lanesplit to the front of a pack without incident, no peds abused me... So lights change, I take off, then the car behind me floors it and starts trying to level with me and run into me! Im like WTFBBQ, beep my horn and speed up. Soon as Im over the tram tracks I turn around and give the fcuker the finger and he has the cheek to beep back at me! Asshat.
    Unfortunatly he turned off at the next oppurtunity, else at the traffic lights on st george rd I wouldhave given him a peice of my mind/taken his rego/bashed his mirror in.

    I never knew a 3km commute resulted in so much trauma! I cant imagine what you guys who do 30+ ks one way have to deal with.!!!!!
  2. What a bloody Asshat!!! (Him, not you)

    Sounds like you scared him off...
  3. Must be something to do with the weather, bringing out all those who should've been shot onto the sheet by their fathers.
  4. If it is like this at this time of the year... Imagine what it is going to be like when we get to the silly season
  5. Time for upgrade you think ? They wouldn't stand a chance with 600cc or above...
  6. asshat, is the best word to describe him! :evil:

    My commute is 65kms each way and it is scary :shock:
  7. What a knob... I hate these people! . . . . . . . All snug in their little vroom vroom!
  8. Same bloody thing happened to me on the way home last night!

    Lane split to front of lights on cnr heatherton rd and power rd near home, I pulled up ahead of (but not directly in front) a subaru outback of all things, as soon as the lights changed the d$%head gunned it and almost side swiped me!

    I'll be parking my little 250cc arse in front of the cagers from now on.
  9. Would have been worth following him and taking the asshat's rego anyway.

    I would have loved to see you give him a piece of your mind. :LOL: Not for your part but simply to see his face when he relises he was being a big man, having a go at an 18yr old girl. Totaly mucho stuff. :roll: :LOL:

    Next time you see him, kick him in the nuts. :twisted:
  10. When u upgrade to a bigger bike you are soooooo far in front in just a few seconds you don't give asshat a second thought:)

  11. See how dangerous filtering is? :wink: Should have listened to me :LOL: :LOL:

    ***No need for derogatory comments from everyone, you'll only be repeating yourselves, heard it all.****Now where is the tin lid again? hmm must be here somewhere***
  12. Sounds the same as the bloke in his statesman down in Tassie, did it three times to me.
  13. I was in front of him so it was hard to follow :p

    but some people honestly feel validated taking such power trips unfortunatly.

    and :LOL: at the last part. Id love to hehe
  14. I had assumed it would require turning around dopey. :p :LOL:
  15. but then he would have been long gone and Id be late for work :(
  16. If your boss complains, tell him/her to "stop being a fcuking asshat. You've got a school to run, so pull your finger out and leave me alone." :wink:
  17. Nowdays you need a small monkey with a chaingun sitting on the back just to ward off any overly agressive drivers.

    Es, It's situations like that where that patch would come in handy... BTW you got it yet?.
  18. Hmmm :idea: Kraven, I'd like to buy your monkey. :cool:
  19. I do ~38km each way everyday. Something like this happened to me today, only it was a smartarse P plater in a Tarago. I get pretty used to it so it doesn't really bother me anymore. I still think trying to cage to work in time using the ring road is a far more dangerous event than riding using the back roads (whilst still making similar time).
  20. Once you get a bigger bike this stops being an issue.

    I don't even get raced anymore :(