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Tricycle, motorcycle or cage?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RiceRocket, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Would you prefer:

    a)A car
    b)A motorcycle
    c)A tricycle

    Im just curious because i have seen an unusual amount of tricycles in the brisbane region recently. As far as i know the original trikes where used for touristy stuff e.g tours but now it seems like every tom d-i-c-k and harry has one. Ive also see advertising tricylces that pull trailors with ads on them!

    I personally dont like em' i get the impression that the person riding a trike is saying "look at me im cool, ive got this awsome trike thats so much better than a car but it really just means ive got no balance thus cant stay upright on a bike"

    wat do u guys think?
  2. A tricycle , no thanks , people might mistake me for viv ( vic :LOL: ) A car - is only when i have to . So for me its the bike . All i have to do now is figure how to get it in the lounge room so i can clean it.
  3. I never really got the idea of a trike. I mean, fair play, they look pretty cool with their nasty big motors and couchy seats, but... Well, it's like having the danger factor of a bike, combined with the bulkiness and lack of agility of a car, and with out any leany-overy fun. Worst of both worlds, no?

    Why do people ride them? Is it just because they're a bit different and super expensive?
  4. I guess people ride trikes for the same reason people ride plastic fantastic super bikes

    coz they think they look cool :)
  5. mmm.... I have a car and a bike.... So A and B for me... As for a trike.. Maybe when I'm old :shock: ... But not right now..

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. My motorcycle is my primary form of transport used for nearly all occassions. I arrived at a job interview on my bike. I figured if they wanted me they should get to know what I'm really about. I got the job, and now workmates are considering riding as well. I once said that I would never let rain stop me from riding. My new rule is, "if it takes me longer to get the rain gear on than the time the bike trip will take, I'll use the car."

    My car is used when transporting other things that don't mix well with motorcycles ie. the baby, the teenager and her friends, musical instruments, bulky goods etc.

    I have toyed with the idea of a trike and have to agree with Loz, worst of both worlds. However, it still might be a retirement project one day, or sooner if disability hits. I would feel good about riding a trike that I built.

  7. b) and a) in that order.
  8. Trikes are weird.

    If it rains you get wet, just like a motorbike, but you can't lane split, just like a car. You get the best of nothing and the worst of everything.

    I just don't quite get those things. :roll:
  9. And you still have to wear a helmet to boot! If they were legal to ride helmetless then you would think about it a bit harder I reckon, kinda like a convertible then but better.

    Personally I own a car and a bike, bike is used about 90% of the time, car is used for certian things that they are good for, picking up pizza for one, shifting shit from one place to another and doing bulk mail deliveries to the post office for the MRA now, about it.
  10. Let me fix up the oder for you

    a) Motorbike
    b) Car (dont own one, but have a company car for work, and shopping as I hate it when I sqush the bread!!)
    c) Trike (would rather walk thanks)

    Hope this clears things up :LOL: :p :LOL:
  11. Sounds like you need to do some renovations to the house....maybe some lovely french doors and a ramp :LOL: :p :LOL:
  12. All three thanks!!!

    I need my car for the things that a bike/trike can't do - carrying the family around, transporting music gear, and anything to do in the rain (no wets atm).

    I love getting out on the bike, eating up the miles in the open air. Wouldn't want to get rid of it at all, but my work and hobbies won't let me rely on a bike.

    Trikes I think are cool - you get the open air, tactile ride, they're comfy and a LOT more fun than they look!!! (If you've never ridden one, you won't understand). PLUS (big selling point) I could get my bike-hating other half onto a trike in a second - for some unknown reason she likes them but hates bikes.
  13. Trikes are just bikes with training wheels with the back wheel missing, aren't they? :LOL: