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tricky stump ;>

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. today is the first inspection of my new flat and the first time i have to hide the cat.

    plenty of people here have cats and there's a woman with 2 small dogs, yet im not sure what the rules are so im going to play it safe (the others dont know either)

    since i never get out and work, in the years ive had my cat i know her v well. last night i figured when the door opened [cause there's a tambourine next to it] she will get a fright and piss right out the window.

    but i woke up with her on my bed and i know she's going to stay right there until 1pm on the knocker

    so here's what i did,

    i got a bunch of soft toys [i hate them! people give them to me in hospital and i dont have the heart to toss em] one toy in particular looks just like a real cat and you have to give it a second look to see that it's a toy. i put that one next to her and the others around her :LOL:

    OH RATS! i just realized i wasnt the first to think of it. oh well, we love you anyway ET

    will let you know how it goes [tee hee]

    cheers :cool:
  2. {waits for tonight when jax puts the stuffed toy out for the night and the real cat makes mayhem of the flat :rofl:}
  3. I hear the freezer is good for cats. :idea:
  4. devotard

    pist myself laughing!

    good one!

    "tipppy" "oh tipppy" "here puss puss"
  5. Stumpy, i do much feel for you!!! I had to hide my cat for 5 years..
    Most of the agents/owners would be ok, some won't.. If the unit is new and they don't like pets, forget about it.
    I had to put the cat in its cage, take him out the back and in the car, while Ms Supernego was welcoming the agent etc.. My cat hated me for that..

    Cats create less mess in the unit than what a smoker couple or kids would do.
    You need to have a huge scratching post and make sure the cat is using it and not the carpet. I used a water spray to train the cat. Besides that, they are the cleanest of animals.. But some owners don't care..
    I now rent a house, so i have no probs with my agent and there is a small yard for the cat to enjoy the sun...

    Maybe it is time for me to introduce you to Oscar Wild
    Here is Oscar Wild when he was one yo
    Here he is interacting with TWEET
    And here...
  6. We are hoping to get a cat between inspections!!! No idea how we'll hide it when the next inspection happens, maybe in the garage next to the rifle safe we aren't supposed to permantly fix against the wall? I hang washing in the garage to hide everything, and they don't like to walk thru it so they don't go out the back to check the yard!!

    Q - how much does a cattery cost? Rest of the family hates cats, so I need to plan holiday expenses... Ta
  7. Stump, I've been meaning to ask you about the cat-trap you made.

    What is it?

    There's a cat in my neighbourhood who likes to meow incessantly out the back of our house while I'm trying to sleep, and it would be better for the RSPCA to get to it before my sling-shot does.
  8. oscar sure is cute! my mum use to take me and tipp to the vet [that's right, you heard, i see a vet!] and so tipp HATES her! now i just get the vet to do house calls

    here's tipp





    cost of bording in sydney [i recomend calabash] $20-$25 bucks per day
    :shock: ! $40 for pick up and $40 for return of puss

    tis best to get a friend you trust who loves cats to look after her/him. nick [above] looks after tipp when im in hospital or away. i wouldnt want her anywhere else. they put apples out the window so she can watch possums and bird see for birds during the day. they have a great set up thats tipp friendly and they spend lots a time with her.

    cheers :cool:
  9. Four words; possum, trap, spray, paint.

    When you catch the cat in the trap, paint it a few different colours then release it. Guaranteed, when it gets home, it's owners will have a change of heart bout whether or not they let puss run around the neighbourhood.
  10. 2loo wrote

    i was going to do the possum trap myself but i was told possum traps dont work well with cats because they're too smart. i would go the cat trap [it has a bit for the tail and everything]

    call kenards hire in your area and get one from them. if no luck, artarmon kennards have them. they cost [bugga! cant find the invoice] around $40.00 for 7 days [deposit $40 too]. the delivery fee is $40 one way. i had the thing put in a taxi. if you wanna pick it up on the bike, it is big but that wouldnt stop me, mind you, nothing stopped me :LOL:

    cheers :cool:
  11. Microwave ovens are effective as well but you've then got a big mess to clean up :?
  12. the inspector has now been and gone.

    a while ago a door slammed [from the floor above] and she ran off so she wasnt in the house.

    she was very nice and probably wouldnt have worried anyway. she was more concerned about what repairs need to be done than anything else.

    when she left i sat down and realized my black t-shirt is covered in white cat hair [DO'H!]

  13. Not-so-tricky Stump. :p
  14. pwned.

    ^ This is Jasper. He loves attention.

    I *own* a unit and strata tried to stop me having cats as they thought it encouraged renters to have cats :roll:
    Sif thats my problem... if they had more pussy in their life (of one kind or another) maybe they'd lighten up a bit.
  15. I share my (rented) house with these two, but I have a very understanding landlord; he's a member of my church and lives just round the corner.


  16. harte and paul,

    they're beautiful! [except for that funny looking orange one :LOL: ]

    im such a biatch!

    you're right harte, not enough pussy for those arses!

    there's this entire anti pets thing going on with most buildings. what are we supose to do?

    some strata say, no pets, but if you have one you can bring it in but no more

    ^ that's more human

    cheers :cool:
  17. and while we are at it..
    and sunbaking
    also here at the left frame under "Delighted Pet Owners have this to say"
  18. she's FAMOUS!

    ive been thinking of putting tipp in the bright lights. she eats with her feeties :LOL: all i would have to do is tape a sml plastic knife and fork and she would be a star!

  19. Next year, on the "lock up your pussies" ride, we will solve any feline problems that you may have.
  20. And he will too, he's been practising :LOL:.