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Tricky Decision (Bike Upgrade)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kris, May 4, 2006.

  1. Right,
    I've only just passed my Ps Licence test here in Vic, so another year til I'm legal on a +250cc. And I'm fine with that... lot's to learn etc and I'm happy on my zzr250.
    BUT, I've already been dreaming of what bike to uprade to in 12 months (Triumph Daytona, R6, Gixxer600)
    Murphy's Law; a friend of mine at work is offering to sell me his 2001 GSXR600 for the mates-rates sum of $6k. I know it hasn't been dropped, and I also know it's seen a few days on the track...
    I can afford it now no hassles... it's bloody cheap, no? But the thought of having it in the garage for a year begging me to take it for a potentially licence-ending spin (uninsured to-boot) is a bit of a factor...!


  2. If one was keen to ride and worried about losing one's license they could always trailer their bike to the track.

    You look more pro turning up that way anyhow, eheh. :cool:
  3. mate its cheap
    id do it
    how often do motorcyclist get pulled over
  4. Buy it and make a track bike of it. Raceglass, braided lines, sticky rubber, rear sets and it'll give you loads more bike handling experience as you get afew track days under your belt. Then when you CAN upgrade you will have a full power bike you are already familiar with!!

    DO IT!!!!!
  5. Why not...BUY IT! And what the others said :)
  6. Yep if the bikes all good DO IT :grin:
  7. Just remember that insurance companies won't cover you if you're not licensed to ride the bike. So if you lowside it on a lefthander and the bike takes out an oncoming Mercedes, you pay their bill as well as your own...
  8. i say get it and take it to track and have some fun with it...
    and when u are fully licensed you can take it on road and look like rossi around the corners
    :grin: :grin:
  9. Exactly what I was thinking, this way you will be unlikely to want to take it on the road as it will have slicks and no blinkers etc.

    Only problem is in 12mths you are gonna want a better faster bike for the road, then this one will stay as a track bike forever. Oh that'd be terrible! :cool:
  10. jeez this is an active forum! Thanx all for the input, I'm definitely getting talked into it!
    Do track days ever have sessions for REAL newbies? How confident would you want to be on your own little bike before you went to a track on something else?
    Thanks again!
  11. well with track days go at your own pace mate...
    thats the best thing and when your confidence grows you will faster
    best way to make u a better rider when u get your full licnece
  12. Do it mate. Good bike at a GOOD price. They also grade track days, so put yourself in the newbie class (Or wobbly old mole class) and have a fantastic time. You will also gain confidence in the bike when you can finally ride it on the road in a years time.
  13. Buy it
    Race it
    Learn from it
    You'll be an infinitely better road rider for the experience
    BUT DON'T buy it if you're NOT going to race it, because you know very well that the temptation will get the best of you sooner or later....
  14. that actually come to mind but
    i wouldnt be really pushing it on a bigger bike straight from a 250
    but i guess i see your point :p