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Tricks to Commuting in Sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MattCPC, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. I see a number of riders heading north out of the Sydney CBD daily and I am looking for some tips / recommendations on how to safely commute from CBD to northwest either via the M2 or Epping Rd.
    What is your preferred lane acrss the bridge to avoid getting trampled? Gore Hill freeway in the gorish 90kmh traffic? Note that I start in Ultimo so also have the approaches to deal with also.

  2. From Ultimo I would take wattle street then fig street to the bridge. Or if you're on the city side of wattle street, then go down George St and turn left at the tram tracks then follow that road around past the commonwealth building (old sega centre) and to the bridge.

    I'm not good with which lane to choose across the bridge. I hate paying the lot/m2 tolls etc as well. If you're going to Norwest is it possible to take western distributor out of the city and back roads to concord rd, then get on m4 and head out? I'll generally do anything to avoid paying those tolls and it's not a bad ride out of the city in the morning if you're heading west...
  3. Stay out of the lane adjacent to contr-flow traffic on the SHB.
    Other than that it's easy.
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  4. Move to Melbourne!
  5. Ride up Kent st from Ultimo and merge on to the bridge.

    Follow the motorway in the T2 lane as bikes are allowed and a bit safer with less cars.

    Take care when passing slower cars in right line as some like to sneak into the T2 lane.

    Exit at Lane Cove, onto Epping rd which has a bus lane most of the way to M2(bikes allowed in this bus lane).

    Look for Delhi Rd turn off to the right and a quick left onto M2. Pretty safe commute as long as you are vigilant on the motorway section.
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  6. I do Epping Rd to Artarmon most days. It is pretty safe, as long as you are vigilant, the bus lanes really help a lot, although the occasional push bike rider in the bus lane can be a pain in the arse.
    Motorcycles are actually few and far between in the hours that I commute, can be lonely...
  7. So then you can ride trams.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  8. wait till you get on one during the peak period :p
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  9. Same thing happens on the light rail here in Sydney. It's partly what made me want to get a bike in the first place! Happy to ride in peak hour traffic than get in one of those sardine cans.
  10. Agree to stay out of lane 4 (next to contra flow lane). Pretty risky. Lane 1 looks pretty safe but then you have the weaving on the freeway to get into the correct lane.
    I am thinking left lane off Fig St onto on ramp which turns into lane 3, exit on Longaville Rd bypassing LCT. Then hit up Epping Rd. Epping Rd seems to get pretty tight around North Epping approaching the bridge. Recommendations?