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Trickle chargers

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by bsaac, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Hi netrider

    I'm after some advice on what trickle charger to get

    I recently bought a Husqvarna TE 450 which I plan to motard but I'm not going to be using it very often so I'll probably need at trickle charger to prevent the pain of kick starting it

    But I have no idea about them so any advice would be helpful!
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  2. Thanks cjvfr that looks like a pretty reasonable price as well
  3. I use a CTEK 8 step charger. They really are very good - especially if you plan to leave your bike on them 24/7.
  4. ctek. and they have a little plug you can leave connected to the battery and pop out under the seat so it's easy to connect and disconnect... and can charge gel batteries. (not all chargers will)
  5. Yep and you can also use that plug to connect other devices to use bike power when riding ;)
  6. Definately ctek seen plenty over the years and don't wreck the battery as some cheap ones do, they just work!
  7. +1 for CTEK. I have the CTEK MXS 5.0 BATTERY CHARGER 12 VOL. I also bought the CTEK COMFORT QUICK CONNECTOR CIGARETTE SOCKET, for charging other devices on the go.
  8. My Optimate3 has always done the job for me.
  9. I've left it connected weeks for a time and it seems to keep the battery in excellent condition. Especially given the bike is touch over 2 years old now so could well be heading towards battery replacement territory. If I can get 4+ years out - that would be ideal.
  10. I use a CTEK one for my vintage car, which is 6 volts and only gets used occasionally. The battery has lasted me 8 years so far, without any hiccups
  11. Pretty soon you will have a vintage battery to match the car
  12. I didn't read any comments, but when I purchased my first bike, I also was messing around on eBay and snagged one for 99 cents, with free shipping. Unbranded, from China. Was skeptical to say the least,

    however it worked beautifully, when my bike's battery was completely empty, it had it running like new by morning. I don't know if buying a better brand, will get you different results. I got perfect results for 99 cents and an 8-hour charge!