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Trickle chargers...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by alleyway, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I'm looking to buy a trickle charger for my bike but am not really sure what to look for. Does a higher number of amps mean the charger is better or just perhaps quicker at recharging?

    I've looked at the Projecta 900 and the Oxford Oximiser 600 (which are both about the same price) but would be grateful for any recommendations on the above or any other good trickle chargers out there.

    Thanks heaps

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  3. I've got ctek trickle chargers for our bikes. think I got them from repco.
  4. I want to get a multistage charger myself, but rather than fitting a new socket, want to just wire it up to a cigarette lighter plug which can connect directly to the 12V socket I installed on the bike (direct to battery via fuse).

    Only way it seems is to buy a trickle charger and fit the plug myself.
  5. This is working great for me!
  6. I use this one - done the job for me twice on the bike ;)
  7. You should get a multistage smart charger. Trickle chargers just don't do as good a job.

    I use a CTEK Multi XS 7000 myself. It does a great job topping up and maintaining battery condition. The current version is also know as the CTEK MXS 7.0. Local distributor (I think.): http://www.baintech.com.au/chargers/ctek-mxs7-12v-7a (Crap web site has no picture)

    It is their largest "consumer" charger I think. I bought it because it will handle my motorcycle and my 4WD batteries, but as long as you pick one that can charge the size (Ah) battery that your bike uses, you will be fine. Look up the battery Ah rating and pick a charger to suit.

    The CTEK has an in-line connector, allowing you to change the end point connectors between eyelets, alligator clamps, etc. Amongst the options is a cigarette connector.
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  9. I'm in the market for a charger now too after a few too many start ups and not enough riding.

    This one looks the goods, Ctek XS4003 here, 8 stage from a reputable company and 5 year warranty
  10. Thanks. That CTEK would be pretty much perfect with that adapter.

    What sort of price are you looking at for it?
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  12. Excellent! Don't have the money just yet but one of those chargers mixed with the correct adapter seems perfect. Would also double as a car charger.
  13. Just be careful which charger your looking at for both charging your car and motorbike. The CTEK XS-800 charges at a current of 0.8A which is ideal for smaller batteries like in bikes but normal car batteries are usually charged at currents over 3A so it may still charge it but may take ages.

    The other Ctek chargers the XS 40003 and XS 7000 have different modes which vary the current suited to each different vehicle (0.8A for bikes, 4A+ for car).
  14. Yeh, saw that one. Would be inclined to get a more appropriate one for all uses.
  15. The one jd posted up first covers the bases better in that regard - and ill be paying jaycar a visit tomorrow :D.

  16. They have a full range, so you can pick the best one for your needs. You may not need the MXS 7.0/7000. Depending on your car battery size the MXS 5.0 may be enough. Just read the fine print!

    Then again, there may be older stock marked as Multi XS 7000 units that can be found cheap. Like this. Heaps of stores sell them.

    My Multi XS 7000 cost about AU$230 some years back. It seems they can still be found for that price at retail outlets. The Jaycar ones are certainly cheaper, but watch the video at the bottom of this page before deciding. You get what you pay for with this sort of gear.

    Actually, watch the video here:
  17. CTEK is pretty good. I have the 4003, now superseded by 5.0, difference between the two is 4A vs 5A, both are 8-step charger.

    XS 0.8, for bikes and small batteries, 0.8A 6-step charging
    MXS 4003, for bikes and cars, 4A 8-step charging
    MXS 5.0, for bikes and cars, 5A 8-step charging
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  19. #19 lui, Apr 28, 2011
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    Remember to have the trickle charger plugged in whenever possible for maximum battery optimisation. Don't just use it once or twice a week.

    I was told quality batteries like Yuasa can last for many many years if properly maintained/charged up by a trickle charger from day one.

    It's probably too late for neglected batteries, i.e. been in storage for a long time without charge. The effect is most noticeable on motorcycle batteries due to much smaller capacity comparing to car batteries.

    As a side note (suggested in another forum), if you aren't going to ride your motorcycle for extended period and don't have a trickle charger, disconnect the negative terminal, and if possible store the battery in a fridge.
  20. Just ordered it with the 12V adaptor as well. Will see how it goes ;)