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Tribute to Nelson - RIP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LalaJ, May 21, 2015.

  1. As some of you may be aware, we had a category 2 cyclone through NSW in late April. During this time, someone broke into my house, stole my keys and stole my Nelson.

    Some of you had the honour of meeting Nelson. He was a great bike, we had a lot of awesome times together.

    I travelled to Sydney, by train, in April 2014, after my last two bikes had been written off in March 2014, with a huge wad of cash. It was the most nerve wracking train ride in my entire life (and I lived in Cambodia...). I picked up Nelson and we began our short tripfrom Campbelltown up to Newcastle.

    In the 12 months that Nelson and I were together, we went everywhere. We travelled over 25,000km. He was perfect, he never let me down. He was always reliable and ready to go.

    We did a lot together.

    Nelson was tucked away every night, under his blanket. He was safe and warm in the garage. I really thought we would be together for a lot longer than a year.

    He was everything he needed to be. He never missed a beat.

    The insurance company assures me that bikes comes back. Just the other week a bike that was stolen 2 years ago reappeared... I don't know how that is supposed to make anyone feel better.

    After being interviewed by a private investigator, I had to hand over Nelson's spare key and his service history, it was devastating.

    I miss you Nelson. You were always amazing.


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  2. Sorry to hear about your loss Lala :-(
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  3. Thanks Jonny.
  4. Sorry to hear LalaJLalaJ. Will you get a payout anytime soon to replace your steed?
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  5. LalaJLalaJ poor Nelson - I am sure he is missing you as well - I hope they find whoever did it and he is returned to you :-(
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  6. #6 LalaJ, May 21, 2015
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    In the space of a week, the insurance company agreed to replace him, then said they wouldn't, then said they would, then said they wouldn't... Last Thursday evening they finally agreed to replace Nelson with a new bike and all the accessories will be replaced too.

    I called the dealership today and my new steed arrived at 3pm. The boys were working to assemble him and I will be getting a call to let me know when he's ready to go.

    A month without riding is killing me. lol

    I don't think they will find the guilty party, which is fine. They'll get theirs. I just hope they treat Nelson with the respect he deserves.
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  7. Nelson II or a different name altogether, like Justus?

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  8. JustusJustus, just because you want me to ride you...

    It will be a different name. Nelson can't be replaced like that, there's only one Nelson.
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  9. Sorry to hear that. There's some fcuking scum out there.
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  10. Sorry to hear LalaJLalaJ Looters are human excrement.
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  11. So sorry to hear, my heart sank for you LalaJLalaJ - I hope you and your new best friend have fabulous adventures together :)
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  12. Really sorry to hear that LalaJLalaJ . May there be many more good times to come on your new steed.
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  13. Bummer ! having met and travelled some K's Nelson I know he will not be forgotten.:(
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  14. Hoping you have a long happy relationship with the new steed.
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  15. If I can ask , who was the insurance company ??
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  16. On a side note, 25000km of riding Nelso in one year is pretty bloody awesome! :)
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  17. So sorry to hear that. I know the bike can't be replaced, but the feeling and joys of riding continue. Enjoy your new steed :).
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  18. Is the replacement an MY15 then? I saw the grey variant last weekend, looks pretty slick.

    If we're allowed to suggest names, I nominate: Enrique or Alfonso
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  19. Or Horatio?
    Does this mean you will actually get new for old? Get your 25,000km wiped off? Bummer way to do it, but if it works that way, this cloud does have a silver lining LalaJLalaJ. Good on you!
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  20. I'm very sorry that you lost your friend Lala.You've shared so many miles of great adventure together and you will always have lovely memories of that. I hope your next ride is as amazing as Nelson!

    My ride is Raven - CBR500RA in black. When I saw the photo of Nelson, it hit home big time...Karma is slow sometimes, but it never fails. I hope those thugs will get all they deserve, in full.
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