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Trials Riding

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 2wheelsagain, May 28, 2007.

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    Not your average bike and more skill than most of us dare to dream about. 5VazxSK8bUs[/media]] HERE

  2. I can soooooooo totally do that on my cbr... I just don't want to :shock:
  3. :WStupid:

    but i dont have a bike....yet :grin:
  4. It's Takumi Narita. Riding a '94 Beta Techno. I have an identical bike, but not the skills unfortunately.
  5. Trials riding is the most graceful and magical expression of the two-wheeled arts; I could watch that stuff all day, and I still don't believe they are doing it.

    Now, where are those smart-mouthed kids on their poxy BMX bikes :LOL: ???
  6. Paul, you forgot gravity defying :applause: And I fully agree :)
  7. That's not a chook-chaser, it's a goat-chaser.

    Awesome, awsome stuff.
  8. I could sit and watch trials all day, now that is skill :grin:
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  10. My old man would love this vid as he used to trials riding back in the early 70's .

    (lol i can just hear him now yeh i used to do all that stuff just better :LOL: )
  11. and to think, this all started cause someone stole his ramp to get his bike on the ute!!! :rofl:
  12. That's awesome.
  13. imagine the possibilities in traffic!
  14. Would even be able to park the bike beside your desk :LOL: Then no one would touch it :!:
  15. Trials riding and stunt riding, two things I could watch all day.

    They aren't too different really.
  16. Hey, N*A*M, will they let me use my VTR250? ;)

    Coming from a mountainbiking background I'm interested in trying trials out on the motorbike. How does one get into it?
  17. just turn up to one of the comps on the calendar or to one of the club meetings. have a chat to the very approachable people. find yourself a cheap beginner bike and learn from others.

    or come meet me at my west side training spot and have a go of my beta techno.

    it's a very great scene to be involved in
  18. just found a crapload of trials vids at kiwitube.com :shock: :cool: